Schiff Says 50,000 Dead Because Trump Wasn’t Impeached.

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Adam Schiff says 50,000 people are dead because Trump wasn’t impeached. Schiff is full of schiff. The grandstanding idiot in charge of the House Intelligence (not) Committee is at it again, demanding a new commission to fully investigate Donald Trump’s response to the coronavirus pandemic. Here we go again.

Note on the above tweet: It has been learned that Politico’s report was fake news, having been quietly edited after it was published. Trump does NOT owe millions to the Bank of China. They’ll never get it, will they?

Trump was able to take action in spite of the stupid impeachment proceedings occurring around him. To say that 50,000 people are dead because he wasn’t impeached is about a stupid as it gets.  Congress, on the other hand could have cared less about bats and their virus – they just wanted to ding Trump knowing full well the Senate would not play ball.

Breitbart reported,

The House — after a four-week delay — transferred the articles of impeachment to the Senate on Jan. 15, the day the first coronavirus patient arrived in the U.S. from Wuhan, China. Congress did nothing about the pandemic during the trial. Meanwhile, the president formed the coronavirus task force the week of Jan. 27 and imposed the travel ban on Jan. 31.

The Democrat-controlled House held its first hearing on coronavirus on Feb. 5 — the day Trump was acquitted in the Senate.

Schiff, who said nothing about coronavirus in its early days, is now pushing for legislation to create a “9/11 commission” for evaluating the president’s response to the pandemic. Opponents counter that he is trying to exploit the issue for the election.

The biggest “damage” to America are the tryannical Democrats whose lust for power has outweighed their ability to do what they were elected to do: govern.

Schiff talked with the so-called “whistleblower” and the fix was in. They dragged the American public through months of “impeachment” from a basement room and let no Republicans speak or ask questions of anyone.

The witnesses had opinions on the call, and their opinions were front and center. By the time Republicans were finally allowed to ask questions, Schiff gavelled them to silence or kicked them out of the hearings and threw a temper tantrum when called on it.

Between Pelosi demanding another investigation and Schiff’s hollering about another commission for an investigation, we’re never going to get moving forward as long as Democrats are in control of the house. Their hate for Trump, and their quest to keep their power are the only things on their decived and twisted minds. To h*** with the American people.

So, America, are you up for another sham investigation? Or are you ready to take these fools to the junk pile of political losers?

Featured photo: Screenshot of  Schiff


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