SC Shootout Leaves Cop Car Riddled With Bullet Holes

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Huger, SC – An unidentified suspect shot at police for over 30 minutes before being shot by police in a SC shootout on Tuesday. The incident stemmed from a neighbor dispute over a man that originally opened fire inside a house, and had been speeding in the neighborhood.

At around 3:30 p.m. a report came in about a neighborhood disturbance that involved an active shooter incident and speeding. When the first officer arrived, he saw a man speeding and attempted to pull him over. The suspect jumped out of the car and began firing. The officer was pinned behind his SUV for at least 30 minutes while the man continued to shoot at the vehicle in order to “finish him off.” He shot at the police car with a shotgun, handgun and rifle, according to the New York Post, leaving the car riddled with bullet holes.

Fox reported,

“While the deputy was trapped, the suspect “made statements he was going to finish him off,” Lewis said.

After other officers arrived, the man started moving around and kept firing at officers, the sheriff said.

“He knew the terrain. He knew the area,” said Lewis, adding the suspect had been visiting friends in the area for months.

Deputies brought in a SWAT team and hostage negotiators to try to get the man to surrender peacefully, according to the sheriff.

But as an officer approached to take him into custody, the man fired at the officer at close range, missing. Other officers fired back, killing the man, Lewis said.”

“He kept returning fire, moving, taking cover, shooting at the deputies. We were trying to do everything we could to end the situation peacefully.” Berkeley County Sheriff Duane Lewis

Huger, South Carolina is a small town about 25 miles northeast of Charleston. The incident created a large crime scene along the two lane road near the town. Numerous police agencies responded.

Featured photo posted on Twitter by the Berkeley County Sheriff

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