SC Police Chief Franco Fuda Stabbed Near Eye With Ice Pick

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Bonneau, South Carolina – On September 7, a man stabbed Bonneau Police Chief Franco Fuda just under his left eye with an ice pick. He avoided a major injury, and will be ok, though covered with blood at the time. The suspect is in custody. The weapon has been described both as an ice pick and a screwdriver.

On Monday at around 10:00 a.m., Bonneau, SC police Chief Franco Fuda was at his own home, suiting up in preparation to go to work. The Chief saw a man in his yard, someone who had a trespass notice against the Chief’s property. A man identified by authorities as Forrest Bowman knocked on his door. The Chief apparently answered the door and the man told him he was “going to die.”

When the chief managed to get to the phone to call 911, the man hit him and the Chief noticed he was carrying a “sharp pointy object” that turned out to be either an ice pick or a screwdriver. He stabbed the Chief under his left eye.

The suspect then fled to his trailer and barricaded himself inside.

According to Live5News,

Berkeley County investigators said after stabbing Chief Franco Fuda under his left eye, Bowman ran to his mobile home and refused to come out. According to Fuda, Bowman told him that he was “going to die today.”

The SWAT team ordered Bowman to surrender several times. Deputies also sent a robot into the suspect’s trailer to get a look inside the home to determine where Bowman might have been hiding.

A short time later, they made entry into the home and brought him out. Authorities said Bowman was found hiding between a mattress and a wall.

A sheriff’s office spokesman said a tear gas bomb was also thrown into the mobile home during the standoff.

Screenshot of the arrest of Forrest Bowman via WCSC

Bowman was naked during this encounter with police. When arrested, he was screaming at the SWAT team. He is a “frequent flyer” at the local jail and has been arrested before. He recently was arrested for threatening to kill the Pastor of a Baptist Church that is right across the street from his trailer. He was out on bond from that incident. He also threatened the Police Chief in 2018.

Forrest Bowman is obviously mentally ill, and should not have been let out on bail without evaluation by mental health professionals. Will they let him out yet again? Chief Fuda, the Baptist Pastor, and many other residents of Bonneau, South Carolina could actually avoid having to deal with a violent naked man if they keep him in a facility designed for such people.

Featured photo: Bonneau Police Chief Franco Fuda, Bonneau Police photo


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