SC Democrat Mayoral Candidate Staged Her Own Kidnapping to Get Sympathy Votes

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Sumter, South Carolina has a crowded mayoral race. So crowded that one Democrat Mayoral Candidate, Sabrina Belcher, decided to stage her own kidnapping in order to get votes. And then she had the audacity to livestream it on Facebook. Then she tried to report it to Police. And her partner in the conspiracy was also charged. (The State) No this is not satire.

On top of the elaborate plan to lie to the public she wanted to represent, she also tried to smear her opponents. This is the modern Democratic Party?

Sumter Police posted this statement on Facebook:

“A Sumter mayoral candidate and an associate are charged after police say they staged a kidnapping and beating in order to garner publicity, sympathy and votes in the November election.

Sabrina Belcher, 29, of Cabelas Place, admitted to planning the ruse, which she recorded and posted on Facebook live, with Christopher James Eaddy, 34, of Olive Street.

Belcher, with Eaddy’s help, also attempted to discredit a fellow candidate in the recording. Belcher also had ongoing plans to smear other mayoral candidates prior to the election.

Belcher is charged with filing a false police report of a felony and conspiracy. Eaddy is charged with conspiracy. Both were booked Wednesday at the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office Detention Center.

The plot

Officers were called to the police station before 11:30 p.m. Tuesday and met with Belcher, who reported she was assaulted and kidnapped by an unknown man during an attempted robbery. She was injured and her vehicle windows were knocked out during the chain of events described by Belcher. She was taken to Prisma Health Tuomey and released.

During the investigation, Belcher provided a fake name of her attacker. However, officers later determined she was in contact with Eaddy whom she had worked with days prior to concoct and stage the reported incident.

“This was simply an effort to create disorder and discontent in our community for personal gain,” Chief Russell Roark said. “As a result, a valuable number of resources, including personnel, manhours of the police department as well as local medical professionals, were wasted based on false information.”

Her first mistake – of many – was telling police it was an “unknown male,” then providing a fake name for him. Brilliant. Shades of Jussie Smollett.

So she not only didn’t get away with her plot, she wasted valuable law enforcement time. Not that she cares. She’ll do anything to get her share of the power.  Does anyone in the Democrat party actually care about the constituents? We’ve been watching Congressional Democrats for three years pretend to care, but their actions are the opposite. It’s all about the power.

Featured photo screenshot of Sumter Police mugshots


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