Saudi Arabia arrests 93 terrorists – three in US Embassy Plot

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At a press conference on Tuesday, it was revealed that Saudi Arabia arrested a total of 93 people linked to ISIS. Three of those people (2 Syrians and a Saudi) are allegedly involved in a suicide car bomb plot against the US Embassy in Riyadh – a plot that was thwarted in March. The arrests have occurred over the last several months.

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At a Saudi Press conference it was revealed that 93 people have been arrested with ties to ISIS

 A litany of terrorist plots

Al-Arabiya, the Saudi news agency,  stated that a spokesman for the Interior Ministry gave the following report (translated):

Most of the people arrested were Saudis – but also included were a Yemeni, a Palestinian, Syrians, and two others who were listed as “stateless.” 65 of the people arrested had formed a terror cell linked to ISIS that had targeted “residential areas, and operations to incite sectarian sedition.”

Another group of 9, including one woman, were arrested on suspicion of using social media to lure a military officer  into a trap and assassinate him.

Others of the arrested were allegedly spreading propaganda for the organization and had aimed their recruitment at the very young.

The Saudis said that the groups had committed “terrorist acts.” They had plotted to commit assassinations of soldiers, stir up “sectarian” violence, and commit a suicide bombing of the US Embassy compound in Riyadh.

That plot was to occur with a car loaded with explosives. Their plots had reportedly reached  “advanced stages” and were aimed at residential compounds, and the “Central Intelligence” prison in addition to the US Embassy.

The arrestees were allegedly also preparing “dens” for ISIS members, collecting money, establishing training sites for ISIS fighters, collecting intelligence information, manufacturing explosive devices, conducting experiments with those explosives to test the strength of them, and firearms training.

“Every group has a story different from the other.” Al-Arabiya

Fox news reported,

Other arrests involving alleged ISIS operatives included a cell of 15 Saudis broken up around New Year’s. That group, which called itself “Soldiers of the Land of the Two Holy Mosques” in reference to sites in Mecca and Medina, trained in desolate areas in the central ultraconservative region of al-Qassim, al-Turki said.

They built explosives, setting off two test bombs, and also engaged in firearms training.

Earlier in the day, al-Turki said police arrested a suspected IS operative wanted for the killing of two police officers in Riyadh, who were shot dead April 8 while on patrol.

There have been five ISIS related attacks in Saudi Arabia over the recent months, according to Fox News. The Interior Ministry says that Saudis largely ignore Islamic State propaganda, but 93 arrested is quite a large number.  These plots against the US Embassy  and other targets were thwarted. How many more are out there?

And why did it take Saudi Arabia all these months to reveal the arrests? Things that make you go hmmmm.

“We do have a number of people who do respond to such calls and do try to carry out such terrorist organizations’ orders, but these people do not represent the Saudi population, do not represent the 20 million Saudis.” Maj. Gen. Mansour al-Turki, Interior Ministry

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