Saturday Morning in Israel: Rockets Fired From Gaza in Major Attack

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Overnight into Saturday, a massive amount of rockets were fired into Israel from Gaza. Civilians fled to bomb shelters as the deadly rain of rockets pummeled the country, damaging buildings, injuring people. The IDF responded to the barrage with airstrikes, as the Iron Dome system took out about 30 of the rockets. At last count, there were 174 rockets fired into Israel.

One rocket struck a children’s playground in Sderot. Homes were destroyed, fields were damaged, and Israelis were injured. But to hear the msm tell it, the only thing that happened was that Israel conducted airstrikes that killed a couple of Palestinian teens.

“It grieves us that tens of thousands of Israelis along the southern tier have spent all or much of the day in bomb shelters — many of them not air-conditioned — amidst temperatures hovering between 90 and 100 degrees.” Joel Rosenberg

Since Hamas and the other jihadists in charge of Gaza know exactly what the Israeli response to terror attacks will be, why don’t they warn their citizens? Why do they incite people to attempt to breach the border between Gaza and Israel? Because they can twist the narrative to make Israel look like the bad guy when they are just defending their people. And they could care less about their civilian population…or anyone else’s, for that matter.

Of course, the mainstream media got it twisted and issued misleading headlines:

Featured photo: Screenshot of a building that was destroyed by rockets from Gaza on Saturday.

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