Santa Clarita Joins California Rebellion Against Sanctuary Law

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Santa Clarita became the next city to vote against California’s sanctuary law on Tuesday night. That makes 20 cities that have voted to join the Trump Administration lawsuit against California over the sanctuary status of illegals.

City council members voted 5-0 to oppose the law that has put California in the crosshairs of numerous cities who are tired of the “lawlessness” of the California legislature.

“City by city, area by area, county by county, we are seeing it. Make no mistake, California will not tolerate lawlessness anymore…This is a cautionary tale [for] the Democrats. You, Democrats, made this a left versus right issue by choosing to hold illegal immigrants over American citizens.” Tomi Lahren, Fox News Contributor and California resident to Fox Insider

After a six hour debate that lasted until 1 a.m., the Santa Clarita city council became the only city in Los Angeles County to join the lawsuit.

“We got a message for Sacramento, there is one town in this state that doesn’t agree with you.” Bob Kellar

The Hometown Station reported,

“Among other provisions, Senate Bill 54 repealed state law requiring law enforcement agencies to notify federal immigration authorities of a drug-related arrest involving a non-United States citizen, according to the text of the bill.

In recent weeks, several counties and cities in California have considered challenging or supporting the “Sanctuary State” law.

The United States is seeking a preliminary injunction that would prohibit enforcement of the new laws while the case is pending. The hearing on the preliminary injunction is currently set for June 20.

The deadline for filing a brief in opposition to the federal lawsuit is May 18, but the deadline to show support for lawsuit has passed, according to court documents.

If the case continues after the preliminary hearing, there will be another round of briefs submitted for the trial, and it is likely that the judge will set a schedule for submitting briefs in support of either party for the trial on the permanent injunction, according to city officials.

The city attorney is now expected to file the brief in support of the federal lawsuit, at the direction of the council.”

The council reportedly received 442 emails asking them to join the federal alwsuit, and only 63 against.


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