Santa Clara County Asks Residents and Students to Rat on ICE Operations in the name of “Safety”

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California has gone above and beyond just being a “sanctuary state” – they are actively asking both residents and students to watch for ICE activity and report it to a civilian group in the name of “safety” for their communities. We received word from Piedmont High School in Piedmont, California, that a teacher has been passing out flyers from Santa Clara County’s “Rapid Response Network”…a network designed to protect illegal immigrants. Teaching students that law enforcement like ICE is somehow dangerous to communities is a very bad idea.

There has been a rebellion of sorts in some areas of California as some cities and counties voted to join a federal lawsuit against the sanctuary law. It does not appear that Santa Clara County will ever join that movement.

From the Rapid Response Network website:

“The Rapid Response Network (RRN) in Santa Clara County is a community defense project developed to protect immigrant families from the federal administration’s deportation threats and to provide accompaniment support during and after enforcement activities in our community. It relies on a 24/7 hotline that anyone can call to report ICE activity in our county and receive help in real time!
Who Can Call the Hotline
Any concerned community member in Santa Clara County that (a) suspects immigration enforcement activity in their neighborhood; (b) is the target of an enforcement activity; or (c) has had a loved one detained by ICE can call the hotline. 
Please note: this is not a general information hotline.  If you are seeking general immigration services, please contact a community-based organization in your area. 

When You Call the Rapid Response Network:

  • An experienced dispatcher will support members of our community in asserting their rights and will dispatch trained rapid responders to the impacted site.
  • If enforcement activity is confirmed, rapid responders will conduct legal observation and collect evidence that may be used to support the immigration case of the impacted community member.
  • If a community member is detained, we will connect them to immigration attorneys for legal counsel and activate accompaniment teams to provide moral support to the impacted family.

No families in our community will have to go through this painful process alone!”

California (and Santa Clara County) have built ICE – Immigration and Customs Enforcement- into a monster to be feared, as if they are doing something harmful to California communities. Teaching kids to “turn in” a law enforcement entity that is doing their job is a recipe for trouble. Should people interfere with ICE operations, it could easily get out of hand and someone could get hurt, including the ICE agents.

When people are told to call the network any time they think they see ICE activity, how do they know the person ICE is trying to arrest isn’t a murder or rape suspect? They don’t.

The RRN network is sponsored by “Sacred Heart Community Service, PACT, Pangea Legal Services, LUNA, SIREN, SOMOS Mayfair, Amigos de Guadalupe, Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County, the South Bay Labor Council, the City of San Jose Office of Immigrant Affairs, and the Santa Clara County Office of Immigrant Relations.”


  • Ed Creger

    This is exactly what Hitler did to round up the Jews for execution. This has to stop.

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