Sanctuary Law- The Illegal Murderer Whose Crime Spree Ended in Death

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Junior Gustavo Garcia-Ruiz, 36. was a twice-deported alien who went on a deadly crime spree last Sunday that ended with 2 men dead (including himself), and four others injured- one critical. And it all could have been prevented. California’s sanctuary law stood in the way.

According to Blue Lives Matter, Garcia attempted to talk a man at Walmart in Visalia into buying him a box of ammunition, but he refused. He was already a suspect in an ammunition theft from the safe at Walmart in Tulare. Three hundred 9mm bullets were stolen.

It all started at around 1 p.m. last Sunday. First, he shot a farm worker who was unpacking fruit.

Then he robbed a convenience store. The surveillance footage revealed him shooting at the ceiling and demanding $2,000 in cash.

Then he shot a Motel 6 guest in the arm and chest in Tulare, CA at around 7:30 p.m. because she “made eye contact.”

Fox reported,

At around 1:30 a.m. Monday, Garcia shot up a Shell gas station near Pixley and then killed Rocky Paul Jones, 51, about an hour later outside an Arco AMPM in Visalia, police Chief Jason Salazar said.

“It appears his rampage and his acts of violence were random and they were not chosen targets, which makes it even more dangerous,” Boudreaux said. “This person was targeting anyone who got in the way.”

He then fired shots from the backyard of his ex-girlfriend’s Visalia home as she and her children were inside. Police said the girlfriend and her children escaped unscathed.

Garcia fired shots into a home in the Sultana area and then crashed his car after a two-minute police chase during which he shot and hit pursuing sheriff’s cars and deputies fired back.

Garcia fled and ran into an orchard where he carjacked three farm workers at gunpoint. He took their truck and drove the wrong way on the freeway, ultimately crashing into an oncoming car and was ejected from the truck. He died at the scene.

Garcia-Ruiz had a long and violent criminal record from as far back as 2002. He came to the US in 1992 and at the time was listed as a “lawful permanent resident.” He was deported in 2004, and again in 2014 after spending 27 months in prison for such violations as drugs, firearms, and assault with a deadly weapon.

Here’s the rub: Tulare County had him in custody on December 14, 2018 for Druvin Under the Influence of drugs. But because of the California Sanctuary Law, they had to let him go. Before SB 54, the violent criminal would have been turned over to ICE and deported prior to his crime rampage.  Ten hours after he was let go, he started his crime rampage.

Police officers in California are frustrated.

“Our hands are tied. I hope local officials are paying attention. All we’re asking for is the ability to speak to our law enforcement counterparts in our jail system, recognizing those with potential grave danger to our community.” Tulare county Sheriff Mike Boudreaux

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