San Jose Gun Control- Insurance Requirement, High Taxes on Ammo, Firearms

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San Jose gun control proposals from Mayor Sam Liccardo may require all gun owners to obtain liability insurance to own a firearm. He also proposes a ballot measure to place more tax on ammunition and firearms purchases.

“A mayor doesn’t have the luxury of just offering ‘thoughts and prayers.’ We have to solve problems. While this is far from a complete solution, it is something we can do to reduce the harms of firearms, without waiting for Congress to take action…

…We require motorists to carry automobile insurance, and the insurance industry appropriately encourages and rewards safe driver behavior. We tax tobacco consumption both to discourage risky behavior and to make sure non-smokers are not forced to subsidize the substantial public health costs generated by smoking-related illnesses and deaths. These successful public health models inspire a similar ‘harm reduction’ approach for firearms.” Mayor Liccardo


San Jose gun control proposal

Fox wrote: “Under the proposal by Mayor Sam Liccardo, the insurance would cover any accidental discharge of a firearm and any intentional acts carried out by a person who has stolen or borrowed the gun. It would not cover the policyholder for any intentional discharge that he or she carries out.

Liccardo is also exploring a possible ballot measure that, if passed, would tax all ammunition and firearm purchases in San Jose.

This insurance requirement is simply an end-run around the 2nd amendment. Just like Elizabeth Warren plans to tax gun owners out of the Bill of Rights (Townhall), these plans simply move the chess pieces to a different square. We MUST pay attention to the plans of those who would steal our liberties. And this San Jose proposal could do just that.

BTW- Remember when California dumped the gun insurance company because it was affiliated with the NRA? Yeah that one.

Featured photo: Wikimedia commons picture by Anthony Quintano


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