San Francisco Shuts Down Patriot Prayer Rally

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As we have been telling everyone for some time, the left has now painted ALL Conservatives and Christians as white supremacists. Nowhere is that more evident than the planned Patriot Prayer Rally in San Francisco over the weekend.  The leader of the Patriot Prayer, Joey Gibson, cancelled the event when it became clear that the city would not protect the participants.

Alamo Park

Joey Gibson is a Japanese-American, not a “white supremacist.” The event, (the permit issued by the National Park Service), was designed to initiate dialogue with the other side. His group, Patriot Prayer, disavows white supremacy and hatred.  When some of his group started receiving anonymous threats on social media, and San Francisco leadership complained about clashes between sides, he cancelled the rally. It was evident that the Democrat Civic government of San Francisco would not protect them.

When Gibson tried to hold a press conference about the cancellation, the city surrounded the park with a fence and sent police in riot gear to keep people out.

The city made sure that Joey Gibson’s message could not be heard.

“If people want to have the stage in San Francisco, they better have a message that contributes to people’s lives rather than find ways to hurt them. That’s why certain voices found it very difficult to have their voices heard today.” San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee – [he should be removed, his last name is Lee]

San Francisco’s leaders, including Rep Nancy Pelosi, viewed them as white supremacists.


Fox reported,

Gibson later spoke in suburban Pacifica with a handful of supporters that included African Americans, a Latino and a Samoan American. Several said they support President Donald Trump and want to join with moderates to promote understanding and free speech.

More than a thousand demonstrators against Patriot Prayer still turned out around Alamo Square park waving signs condemning white supremacists and chanting, “Whose streets? Our streets!” Hundreds of others took to the streets in the Castro neighborhood.

“San Francisco as a whole, we are a liberal city and this is not a place for hate or any sort of bigotry of any kind,” Bianca Harris said. “I think it’s a really powerful message that we’re sending to people who come here to try to spew messages of hate that it’s just not welcome in this city.”

Actually, no one is welcome in San Francisco except the alt-left.

The Left’s Violence

After Charlottesville, the media fell all over themselves to show the “peaceful” intent of the left. But they are  anything but peaceful. You can read IJR’s report of the constant violence by them at this link. We also have written about groups like Black Lives Matter shouting about killing police, committing burning, looting; Antifa using poles, plastic bottles, rocks, mace, tear gas, pepper spray on peaceful demonstrators and police.

So to reiterate the warning: the left views all Christians, all patriots, and all Conservatives as white supremacists, and proving them wrong is impossible at this point. They intend to shut down everyone’s freedom of speech “by any means necessary.”

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