San Diego K9 Officer, Marine Corps Veteran, Rescues Twin Girls

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San Diego K9 Officer and Marine Corps veteran Jonathan Wiese heard a call go out about a suicidal subject planning to drive off the Coronado Bay Bridge with his twin daughters in the car. San Diego Police tracked the man’s cell phone to Point Loma, where a police lieutenant saw the man drive off the cliff above the ocean at an “accelerated speed.”

Wiese was the first officer on the scene at Point Loma. The San Diego K9 officer noted that the man had the girls sitting in his lap, a fortunate thing. If they had been in the backseat, he said, they both would have been killed as the truck rolled over and hit the rocks.

“I have a two-year-old daughter at home so I imagined, what if that was my wife and kid down there? You’re not going to stand there on the cliff and watch it happen.” San Diego K9 Officer Wiese

He remembered he still had a 100 foot leash in his patrol vehicle. He removed his gun belt, tied one end of the tether around his waist, “and by then, four or five other cops had shown up, so I pretty much threw the end of the leash to them and then I said, ‘hang on,’ and I just jumped off.” (10 News)

With “teamwork,” he reached about 30 feet, and drew on his Marine Corps water rescue training in order to tow the trio out of the water.

“He had both girls. He was holding them and trying to tread water, but they were all going under. One was awake and crying the other one was pretty lifeless.” Wiese told the San Diego Union-Tribune.

The first responders at the top of the cliff let down a backpack with some supplies, and Wiese began some “rescue breathing” for the girl that was limp. His leash and the backpack were used to pull the girls up the cliff to an ambulance.  Wiese waited at the bottom with the father for their rescue, and remembered the father said he was “going to die and take the girls with him.” (Fox)

One child was in critical condition and the other slightly injured. Both are expected to survive. All three were taken to the hospital for treatment. At this time, it is unclear what charges, if any, will be leveled against the father.

So in this atmosphere of cop-hate raging across the nation, why would anyone want to be a police officer? Jonathan Wiese has an answer that should remind everyone that not all police are bad:

“I didn’t do the job to be liked every day, I didn’t do it to become rich. I did it because I want to be out there making a difference and helping people, as cliché as that might sound, but I was just glad I could be there. You just do what you have to do, but after everyone was safe, it hits you and you just want to go home and hug your kids, that’s for sure.” Jonathan Wiese, San Diego K9 Officer

Featured photo: San Diego Police via Twitter/OnScene TV


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