She Said Yes!! MMA Champion Rousey Attending Marine Ball (Video)

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At the upcoming Marine Corps Birthday Ball, Lance Corporal Jarrod Haschert can honestly claim, ‘My date can kick your A$$!’  LCpl Haschert will be escorting MMA Champion Ronda Rousey to the annual event.

Marine Ball

Jarrod Haschert- Rhonda Rousey (photos via IRJ Review)

No Fear

For most men, the fear of rejection can be stifling. It’s true. Men are afraid of rejection. For many reasons a man may think he’s not worthy. But Marines are not MOST men. And while having a healthy respect for fear, Marines do NOT allow fear to control their actions. Marines are NOT most men.

LCpl Haschert took to social media to ask the MMA champion to the Marine Ball on December 11.  (The Marine Corps Birthday is November 10th.)  The YouTube video went viral receiving over 4 million views. In the video the ballsy Marine called Rousey his ‘celebrity crush’.   And that if she will do him the honor she will,

“……..truly be making my dream come true.”

Dreams DO Come True

TMZ Sports caught up with the beautiful but dangerous Rousey and her ‘girls’ outside a Whole Foods Store. When asked if she’d seen LCpl Haschert’s invitation she said,

“I just saw it the other day.”

The December 11th date conflicted with an upcoming fight training camp, but that fight has been re-scheduled. When asked if she’ll accept the invitation Rousey said,

“Yes…….I would go for sure.”    But she questioned how to contact Marine Haschert joking if she should set a meeting place like the movie Never Been Kissed. The TMZ Reporter said he’d take care of it.

There Are Some Rules

Rousey wanted to make a couple of things clear. First, she expects LCpl Haschert to be on his best behavior. Haschert told TMZ Sports he will be a ‘perfect gentleman’.

Second, she wants it known she is not a ‘first date kind of girl’. Got it! When Ronda Rousey says, ‘NO!’, you damn sure better listen.

And one more thing, Rousey is not coming to the Marine Ball alone.  LCpl Haschert needs to round up some dates for her ‘girls’.

When told by TMZ Sports, ‘She’s all in,’ Haschert was elated. As for the additional escorts for her girls, guess who is the most popular Marine at Camp Lejeune today?

Improvise – Adapt – Overcome

Marines meet and achieve the goals set. Whether through patriotism, or social pressure, you got the date with the girl of your dreams. Outstanding!

The second date will be all be about you. Is it possible? Anything’s possible. But you’re off to a good start.  When asked if LCpl Haschert was her type, Rousey said, “He’s cute.”

No pressure Marine, but if you blow this, you’ll be the pariah of the Corps. Not to mention your date will pound you into a mud hole.

Semper Fi!!!

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