Saddam al-Jamal Now in Jail: The Man who Burned Jordanian Pilot Alive

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Saddam al-Jamal is a particularly brutal member of ISIS. He is the man responsible for Royal Jordanian pilot Muath al-Kasasbeh being burned to death while in a cage in 2015. He also has a fondness for beheading, and killing children in front of their parents. We previously reported on his capture, along with other top ISIS leaders.

The gruesome video of pilot al-Kasasbeh’s death was shared all over social media.  The man behind that murder was Saddam Omar Hussein al-Jamal. There is evil in the world, but he is a special kind of evil.

The Daily Mail reported,

Al-Jamal is said to have ordered the execution of children, sometimes in front of their parents.

In 2014, Iraqi officials claimed that al-Jamal had murdered an entire family after the parents prevented the daughter from marrying him. 

Gruesome images released on social media show him gleefully posing with a collection of charred severed heads.

He was one of four leaders of ISIS captured by Iraqi security forces after they were lured from Syria to Iraq with fake Telegram messages.

Iraqi officials used the mobile phone of already captured ISIS lieutenant Ismail al-Eithawi to send instructions via the app for the four other leaders to come to Iraq, where they were seized.

Al-Jamal told his captors that ISIS is in a state of confusion, with splintering, internal conflicts and “low morale.” He was a rebel leader in the FSA – Free Syrian Army and then in Ahfab al-Rasoul before joining ISIS, where his brutality became off the charts.

A jail cell is too good for him. And someplace much hotter is likely his final destination.

  • Paul barnard

    An eye for an eye, a burn for a burn is what ISIS believes. Please carry out their wishes and burn this monster….in a cage

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