Sacramento Protests Turn Angry

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Saturday’s Sacramento protests against Governor Newsom’s lockdown orders began as a peaceful protest, but quickly turned to raw anger as 32 people were arrested (KCRA). Police with riot batons and face shields moved onto to the Capitol grounds, saying that the protesters were a public health hazard.

As the protesters walked quietly down the street to the strains of “God Bless America,” they ended up at the Capitol grounds. Chants of “USA USA” and “Open up!” echoed through the area as the “social distancing” aspect went by the wayside.

Riot police commanded the crowds to disperse, which only made them mad. When some resisted being told to get out, and yelled in the faces of police, they were arrested. Some officers were wearing regular masks, some were not, others had face shields. Some protesters had bullhorns. Getting in their faces was not a good idea. A little wisdom can go a long way, on both sides, folks.

While the media liked to blame the protests only on Conservatives, many people, Democrat and Republican, are upset over Governor Newsom’s rigid orders that have decimated local economies across the state.

“I’m here to encourage our governor to open California, that we need to protect the elderly and the sick, but the healthy and the young need to be out and about and we need to have business as usual.” Diane McMichael, Oakhurst, CA to Capradio.

The irony is that while these 32 people were arrested, the state has released thousands of real criminals from prisons across California. Just 3 days ago, seven HIGH RISK sex offenders were released from one part of California by court order against the recommendations of the Sheriff of Orange County where the inmates were located (ABC7). The state planned to release 3,500 prisoners early. But they arrested (and cited) 32 citizens exercising their 1st Amendment rights in the name of a “public health hazard.” Who are the biggest health hazards? It’s a valid question.

Are these lockdowns necessary to prevent the spread of the virus? The jury is out on that. Locking people down from being able to work, or in California’s case, going to the beach, is way off the crazy charts.  This virus, as contagious as it seems to be, is so new that conflicting information has been the norm. The computer models have all been wrong in spite of their best efforts. Fear-mongering by governments and the media has jeopardized being able to trust any source whatsoever.

Sacramento protests

Disclaimer: Though many of our Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children followers were a part of this protest, we as a group from all across the nation did not organize it. We stand with them in their right to protest against the tyrannical actions of the Governor.

Featured photo: screenshot of the Sacramento protest from Saturday, May 1, 2020


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  • usmcm14 battley

    HAHAHA!!! What a bunch of Kommiefornian fucktards they are the ones who elected the POS to the govenors office !!!

    • Brianna

      If you understood how vote harvesting and other fraud works in CA you could stop blaming voters. It’s a full-blown Soviet system now.

  • Wacko Drummer

    I guess in Sacramento the Gestapo wears BLUE!

  • Mike Hammer

    Talk about the Politicians all you want, WHO was it that followed ORDERS ??? Who was it the brought REAL violence (hint Kidnapping ) to the rally ? If you blanket give the thugs, traitors, henchmen, a pass well then YOU are part of the REAL problem and do NOT support the People of America. You have instead chosen the Gestapo. Police obeying unlawful orders is as Un-American as it gets.

  • Diva knight

    If I were a policeman I would turn in my badge , these people have a right to protest peacefully , when ANTIFA was burning cars, beating up people you were told to stand back and let them, this is control by the Democratic party trying to bring on the One World Order.

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