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Ron Holmes served for 20 years in the Marine Corps. From Okinawa to a deployment in the Gulf War and beyond, he’s served in Marine Force Recon and MARSOC. But after leaving the Corps in 2010, he’s had time to develop a revolutionary rifle grip that has a lot of people talking: the Ryker Grip.

Combat injury? No problem!

Ron’s Marine Corps service, and ensuing battle with cancer took a mean toll on his body. He’s developed a product that could help thousands shoot more accurately, and virtually pain free if they have an injury or chronic problem.

The Journey

Holmes enlisted in the Corps in February 1989 at age 17. He wanted to enlist at age 16, but couldn’t make it happen. (Enthusiasm …there’s no substitute for it.) We noticed upon speaking with this Marine veteran that he has been grateful for the things he learned and experienced during his service.

His MOS was Field Radio Operator. In 1990 he was promoted to Lance Corporal. He had just turned 19. His first deployment at that rank? The Gulf War. By the time the war was over, he ended up deployed to Somalia aboard the USS Wasp in 1993.

Two weeks before a deployment again, he broke his leg and spent 12 weeks warming the bench at a Force Recon Company at Camp LeJeune. “Non-deployable” – the words left a bad taste in his mouth, but it turned out to be fortuitous. He was eventually sent to South America – it was there that he learned that more than just Americans can be “patriots.”

“It was enlightening. I learned that there were people who loved their country and called themselves ‘patriots.’ It taught me to be a better leader.”

From the heat of South America to 6 years at Elmendorf Air Force base in Alaska where he says he “loved the cold.”

His last 3 1/4 years in the Corps were spent “in a cubicle” at Camp LeJeune. (Not his cup of tea.) It did, however give him time to develop the MNOC course: The Marine Network Operators Course. Yes, Ron Holmes is the guy that developed the course that is used to train Special Forces Marines on communications skills.

After a stint as contractor-adviser after the Corps, he developed cancer at age 42. It was during that time that he sought a way to shoot in spite of his arm going numb all the time.

The Ryker Grip

The Ryker Grip is named after Ron’s son. Ryker USA has three partners, all US military veterans: Ron Holmes- Training and Development, Josh Robertson – CEO, and Jacob Joubert- COO.

Team Ryker USA, Inc

As the grip was developed, the team began working with Special Forces medical doctors, members of the special forces community, an engineering firm, and the tactical community to obtain feedback for their prototype. Extensive testing has been done on the grip.

They’ve even had statisticians to come and judge the speed as a Marine Raider shot with the grip and found that there was at least a 5% increase in speed and accuracy. In the world of shooting, that is a huge new level.

The feedback was excellent, so they applied for a patent. They received the coveted designation “patent pending.” Even MOH recipient Kyle Carpenter was able to shoot his weapon and keep shooting. Combat injuries are not irritated or aggravated by the grip.

The use of the grip does require a bit of a learning curve, but Ron tells us it doesn’t take long for it to become second nature. The grip works on many different kinds of weapons, so if you don’t have an AR, no worries.

At the range, the forward mounted Ryker Grip allows for using the weapon without having the support arm hold the weight of the gun. It is side-mounted, which relieves that pressure and allows for less recoil as well. Ron told us that there is a potential for becoming a medical device as well as a shooting accessory. Wouldn’t it be great if a doctor could just write a prescription for the accessory?

A shooter learns the Ryker Grip at the range

“It feels right, and feels better.” Ron Holmes

Their company has gone from a one-dimensional product to an unlimited horizon. You can access Ryker USA at the following links:

  • Allan

    I used the Ryker Grip on my M-249 on my last deployment. It was awesome on the AW. Glad to see those guys getting some press!

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