Russian Gift of a Teardrop

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A Russian gift

New Jersey – After September 11, 2001, Russia sent us a beautiful gift- a monument in the shape of a teardrop, inscribed with the names of those who were killed in the attacks. The structure is in direct line with the Statue of Liberty- an expression of sorrow, and  reminder of the devastation that took place on that terrifying day.

 russian gift

The Russian gift of the Teardrop Monument after 9-11


The Teardrop Monument

The Teardrop is a 100 foot tall sculpture given to the US by Russia and the artist, Russian sculptor Zurab Tsereteli. It is located at Bayonne Harbor in New Jersey as a memorial to those that died in the 9/11 terrorist attacks and the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.

It was a gift of solidarity, an expression of sorrow, and the media virtually ignored it. The teardrop represents sadness  for the United States, and indeed the world, after nearly 3,000 American lives were shattered in the beginning of what has become a worldwide conflict  against Islamists.

It was dedicated at a ceremony on September 11, 2006.


The names of those killed in the 9-11 attacks are inscribed ta the base

Weakness that destroys foreign relations

In the years since they gifted it to the United States, Russian/American relations have sunk to Cold War Levels. When that monument was given, it was a time of renewed relations from a position of strength.

We have a President now who deliberately destroys relationships rather than build them, and he does it out of weakness. While Russia has always been an enemy to watch, their expression was one of generosity.


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