Russian Soldier Shoots 8 Comrades Dead

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Trans-Baikal Territory, Gorny, Russia: The constant narrative of anti-gunners is that mass shootings “only happen in America.” But on Friday in Siberia, a Russian soldier opened fire, killing 2  officers and 6  of his comrades, and wounding two others. The perpetrator was detained.

Officials stated that the incident took place in the Zabaikalsky region town of Gorny, Russia near the border of Mongolia. It occurred in military unit No. 54160.

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Officials stated that they believe he had a “nervous breakdown unrelated to his military service.” (Likely that’s propaganda speak for ‘our soldiers never have any problems so it must have been a personal matter not related to the Russian military.’)

BBC reported,

The military unit No. 54160 houses an artillery brigade and a missile brigade. It has Iskander missiles, which are capable of carrying nuclear warheads.

Military service is mandatory in Russia for all male citizens aged 18-27. They typically serve 12 months, and can then sign a professional contract to continue in the armed forces.

In the mid-2000s, rights groups reported widespread violence and bullying – known as “dedovshchina” – against new conscripts in the Russian armed forces.

The perpetrator was a soldier serving his mandatory military time (aka “conscript”). His name was reported as Private Ramil Shamsutdino. The exact motive of his attack is unknown and likely, since this is Russia we’re talking about, may never be released.

The Russian News Agency Tass reported,

“On October 25, at about 18:20 local time (12:20 Moscow time), when the guard changed, a serviceman of the repair and technical base deployed in the Chita district of the Trans-Baikal Territory opened fire on his colleagues from service firearms. As a result, eight servicemen were killed on the spot, two more were injured of varying severity… According to a TASS source in the region’s emergency services, there are two officers and six conscripts and contract soldiers among the dead. The condition of the survivors, the agency’s interlocutor added, is assessed by doctors as grave; the issue of transporting the injured to Moscow is being resolved.”

Officials from the Ministry of Defence flew to the scene. Officials stated that the two wounded had non-life-threatening injuries.

Featured photo: screenshot of Russian soldiers via Pakistan Today


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