If Russia isn’t the Wikileaks hacker who is? Will they destroy Hillary?

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What’s the next step for Wikileaks? And why does the government keep saying that Russia is behind the embarrassing revelations? The Clinton campaign has been desperately trying to tie the hacks to Russia (and Trump), and the President has even accused Putin’s nation of trying to “interfere” with the election, as we previously reported.

Clinton is trying to claim that Donald Trump has ties to  Putin. His ties are far less spurious than her own. He didn’t sell our Uranium to Russia… she did.

She has accused Trump of making overtures to the Russian President….but recently leaked emails show that she praised Putin, even going with him into his “private inner sanctum” to look at a giant map of Russia. Of course, half the things Hillary says aren’t true anyway- you know, the “I got shot at in Bosnia issue” that was proven to be a lie.  So she may have been lying in her emails to others.

But what if Russia didn’t hack the Democrats?  What if it was someone inside the government?

A screenshot for a 4chan conversation is making the rounds which states Russia is not behind the email releases that keep surfacing. The anonymous poster also promises that by election day, there will be information released that will destroy Hillary completely, including 6 video tapes that prove she is a hypocrite, racist, and liar.

4Chan is an anonymous social media. Tracing conversations in it is nigh unto impossible for the lay person. The FBI has sometimes used 4chan chats as evidence in terrorism cases. There are many times when the claims are unsubstantiated. In this case we simply have no idea whether it’s real or not.


Julian Assange also promised that these last releases would destroy Hillary. The ones already released have shown corruption, election rigging, lies on an unimaginable scale. Why he held back in early October is unclear, but the 4chan conversation says it is because they don’t want to give the Dems time to replace Hillary.

As we’ve been saying all along, it is also possible that the Dems will do whatever it takes to destroy Trump , including pay someone to lie about him.The 4chan conversation mentions that Clinton or her cronies are attempting to bribe a a former member of the Apprentice staff over a nonexistent tape.

Always take things that sound too good to be true with a grain of salt (maybe the whole salt shaker.) We’ll have to wait and see whether these promises are fulfilled, or whether it’s just another keyboard warrior trying to get people riled up.

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