Russia Tells Officials to Send Relatives Back to the Fatherland

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What does it mean when Vladimir Putin tells Russian officials to send their relatives back home?  Parts of it may have to do with domestic issues, but the main thing we all need to do is watch these many symptoms for potential conflicts.

“This is all part of the package of measures to prepare elites to some ‘big war.'” Stanislav Belkovsky, Russian Political Analyst

The Daily Mail reported:

Russia is ordering all of its officials to fly home any relatives living abroad amid heightened tensions over the prospect of global war, it has been claimed.

Politicians and high-ranking figures are said to have received a warning from president Vladimir Putin to bring their loved-ones home to the ‘Motherland’, according to local media.

It comes after Putin cancelled a planned visit to France amid a furious row over Moscow’s role in the Syrian conflict and just days after it emerged the Kremlin had moved nuclear-capable missiles nearer to the Polish border.

Former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev has also warned that the world is at a ‘dangerous point’ due to rising tensions between Russia and the US.

Russian Defense Minister Sergey Lavrov  stated that the United States must “remove the Ansar al-Nusra from the Moderates” so that proper negotiations can continue. Since that is not likely to happen, things are becoming tense  on the world stage.

As we have previously reported, there are some issues out there that are creating serious tensions with Russia. One of them is the fact that Russia asked the US not to hit Assad’s troops, and the US asked Russia not to target the Al-Nusra Front…which they view as a terrorist organization.

According to, then the UN tried to pass a resolution to stop the airstrikes over Aleppo, Syria, Russia vetoed the action. French President Hollande said that Russia could be accused of “war crimes” over their bombings in that region, which prompted Putin to cancel a trip to France. The diplomats are saying that his trip will be rescheduled at a time that would be more “comfortable” for Hollande.

Into those scenarios comes the order to send relatives back to the Fatherland, and withdraw students from foreign schools. Though domestically, the Russian have had issues with students returning  with non-Russian accents, and heads filled with Western thoughts, it is wise to pay close attention to the signs and symptoms.


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