Russia Smacks ISIS in Syria with 4 Cruise Missiles

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An ISIS stronghold in Syria near Palmyra was hit with 4 Kalibr Cruise Missiles fired from a Russian submarine and Russian Frigate in the Eastern Mediterranean. According to the Russian Defense Ministry, all of the targets they were aiming at were hit. Russia released the statement on Wednesday.

Assad forces drove ISIS out of Palmyra in March of this year after they had retaken the Palmyra town. Since then, ISIS has created what the RU Defense Ministry referred to as “shelters” that contained heavy equipment and manpower near the same area. Those “shelters” were the target of the Russian missile strike.

The missiles were launched from the Admiral Essen frigate, and the Krasnodar Submarine. The Russians stated that the Krasnodar launched the missiles from a “submerged position.”

Cruise missile launched from the Krasnodar submarine- screenshot

The Russian Defense Ministry stated that “Command staff of the United States, Turkey, and Israel had been informed at the appropriate time about the missile strikes.”

The Palmyra region of Syria has been a constant battle ground between Assad’s forces backed by Russian airstrikes and ISIS.  Heavy fighting continues in other areas of Syria between Assad forces and the US backed rebels, whom the Russians refer to as terrorists.

Military times reported,

Syrian troops backed by Russian airstrikes captured Palmyra in March last year and Moscow even flew in one of its best classical musicians to play a triumphant concert at Palmyra’s ancient theater. ISIS forces, however, recaptured Palmyra eight months later, before Syrian government troops drove them out again in March this year.

Russia’s defense ministry said its Wednesday statement that the strikes successfully hit ISIS heavy weapons and fighters whom the group who had deployed and moved to Palmyra from the ISIS stronghold of Raqqa, the de facto capital of the Sunni militant group and its self-proclaimed caliphate.


The hatches open on the Admiral Essen as the Kalibr missiles are launched- Screenshot

Featured photo – Screenshot from Russian Defense Ministry video of the cruise missile attack from the Admiral Essen.

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