Is Russia Planning to Disrupt the Nov Election?

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If a scapegoat is necessary for the revelations of the hacking lately, blame it on “distrust” being sowed by Russia. There has been “distrust” in the election process for years now. Could it be that the government is attempting to shift the conversation from the dastardly deeds of the Democrats and Clintons in particular?

Which is more disturbing- the Dems corruption or Russian hacking?

The Washington Post is reporting that James Clapper, Director of the Department of National Intelligence, believes that the Russians are “sowing disinformation” in an effort to disrupt and bring distrust into the US election process. They also said that when Congressional members were briefed on the extent of Russian involvement, they were “deeply disturbed.”

Frankly, I’m WAY more disturbed by the extent of the corruption of the Democrats and Hillary in particular. And we wouldn’t call it “disinformation” – we’d call it revelation.

WaPo reported,

U.S. intelligence officials described the covert influence campaign here as “ambitious” and said it is also designed to counter U.S. leadership and influence in international affairs.

Russian denials

Make no mistake – Vladimir Putin’s Russia is exceedingly dangerous. The body count for Putin opponents rivals that of Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Putin has adamantly denied they had anything to do with the DNC hack but that the revelations were a public service for Americans.

“It doesn’t really matter who hacked this data from Mrs. Clinton’s campaign headquarters. The important thing is the content was given to the public.” Putin in an interview with Bloomberg

“We’ve seen an unprecedented intrusion and an attempt to influence or disrupt our political process.” Rep. Adam B. Schiff D-CA

Are they really trying to disrupt the election process? Is this another attempt by the left to change the conversation away from their incompetent, corrupt actions? How far will the left go to change that conversation?

An “accident” in Moscow

On September 6 in Moscow, Vladimir Putin’s official BMW was involved in a head-on collision with a Mercedes.  Putin was not in the car at the time, but his “favorite chauffeur,”  who had been an official driver for 40 years, was killed in the crash.

Was it an accident? Just a thought.

The question of who hacked the DNC, or who got the information is not particularly relevant. That fact that they were able to hack into unsecured information is important, but not the central issue. The central issue is what was revealed to the public.


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