Russia Deploys Aircraft Carrier to Middle East – IF It Gets There

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Russia Deploys Aircraft Carrier to Middle East – IF It Gets There

Russia only has one aircraft carrier. It’s an old one, the Admiral Kuznetsov, launched in 1985 during the Cold War. It breaks down a lot, which means it may be more of an embarrassment to the Kremlin than a help. But it will be deployed to the Middle East because of the US ships and the Turkish shoot down of a Russian airliner.

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The Admiral Kuznetsov -photo via wikipedia

Don’t fall apart

The carrier is currently undergoing tests in the Barents Sea shipyard to make sure it doesn’t fall apart on its way to the fight. It plans to launch planes from the carrier in the fight in Syria.


The Admiral Kuznetsov doesn’t have the modern amenities of US Navy ships, nor can it handle as many planes. There are no slingshot effects for the planes, only a slightly upraised bow to provide lift.

According to Tass, the Russian News agency, Russia has plans to upgrade the carrier in 2017, and will be working on a modern carrier to be launched in 2020. Until then however, it could get dicey out there for this old ship.

This video shows a tugboat towing the aircraft carrier in rough seas.

The Australian news service reported,

“In one such incident in 2012, Kuznetsov broke-down off the coast of France while in heavy weather.

A short circuit in the ship’s electrics caused a serious fire in 2009, killing one crew member.

Just a month later, its at-sea refuelling system ruptured causing a huge oil slick off the coast of Ireland.

When the ship entered the Mediterranean in 2013 for a series of exercises, the US navy said it had its own ships follow the carrier closely in case of an emergency: “The Kuznetsov might sink”, a source reportedly said.”

It’s likely to get crowded in the sea around Syria if this vessel actually makes it to the fight.

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