Russia Blames Israel After Missiles Rain Down on Homs Airbase

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The US denied that it conducted any airstrikes in Syria, after reports of a missile strike on a Homs airbase in the early hours of Monday. It turned out to be Israel. But there is still potential for the “other shoe to drop” from the United States after the chemical attack on Saturday.

SANA, Syrian state news media reported: “The Syrian air defenses have confronted an Israeli missile attack on T-4 Airport in Homs Countryside and shot down a number of missiles.

A military source said that Israeli F-15 fighter jets on Monday dawn fired several missiles from the Lebanese airspace on the T-4 Airport in Homs eastern countryside as the Syrian air defenses intercepted them and downed a number of them.”

Syria claimed to have downed 5 of the 8 missiles launched. Israeli officials have made no comment. SANA claimed there were “many martyrs” in the airstrike.  Reports indicate that at least 2 Iranians, with a total of 14 were killed in the incident.

President Trump was set to meet with US military leaders today, Monday. Nikki Haley requested an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council.  It is doubtful that Israel will be the only one to extract that “big price” from Assad.

Israel has been striking areas that are believed to be a planned pipeline of arms from Iran to Hezbollah through Syria. It was rare that Russia’s President Putin would say much about Israel when they did strike, as long as they didn’t destabilize Assad, according to Reuters.

Douma, where the chemical attack occurred, was held by a rebel group called the “Army of Islam.” It is close to Damascus (see map above). After the massive attack on Saturday, the rebel group agreed to give up its prisoners (described as hostages by SANA), and be moved to another location. Over 100 buses moved into Douma to transport the fighters and their families to Jarablus, which is held by Turkey and rebel groups, according to Breitbart.

“There’s nothing left for civilians and fighters. We don’t have anything to stand fast. People now are going out in the streets looking for their loved ones in the rubble. And we don’t have any space left to bury them.” Haitham Bakkar, opposition activist

Forced displacement is considered a war crime by the United Nations, as well as chemical weapons use. So we’ll ask again…was this airstrike by Israel the “big price” President Trump promised?


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