Rose City Antifa – One Goes to Prison, The Rest on A Crusade of Hate

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Rose City Antifa is riddled with violent, hateful people. One member was sentenced to prison on Nov 1. But the rest continue their crusade of hate. On Halloween, several members of Rose City Antifa showed up at journalist Andy Ngo’s residence, rang the doorbell, and in general attempted to intimidate him. They pounded on the window, recorded the property, and even doxxed his mother’s small business. No, they weren’t “trick or treaters.”

Ngo works hard to cover the violent actions of Rose City Antifa. And they hate him for it.

“This is the latest addition to a long list of antifa-related individuals doxing, threatening, and promising to hurt or kill me or my family.” Andy Ngo

By the time police arrived at the residence, the Antifa goons were gone. Police advised him that when suspects wear masks, as these did, identification is virtually impossible. Yet…one of the individuals who viciously beat a man in June was also wearing a mask and was identified.

June 29 Rose City Antifa Violence

On June 29, not only was Andy Ngo attacked and beaten to the point of a brain bleed, but Adam Kelly was severely injured as well and suffered a concussion.

When it went to court, Gage Halupowski, 24, plead guilty to second degree assault for hitting Adam Kelly in the head hard enough to split his skull. He was sentenced to 70 months in prison.

GoFundMe photo of Adam Kelly’s injuries

Gage Halupowski

Oregon Live reported,

The prosecutor also said another person has been indicted and more people are under investigation in the same attack and other incidents stemming from the June demonstrations.

“My office has individuals charged on both sides of the political spectrum,” Marrero said. “We are not picking sides based on political affiliation, political views or anything like that.”

Antifa has beaten, robbed, intimidated, screamed, and threatened to get their way, even when the victims have nothing whatever to do with any “demonstration.” They have literally taken over the streets of Portland at various times, and obviously love doing it.  They went so far as to put out a “community alert” on Mr. Ngo when he went to speak at the Heritage Foundation.

What will it take to wake Portland up?

Featured photo: screenshot via Andy Ngo video


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