Ron DeSantis’ Defense Industry Lobbyist Condo Controversy

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Primary season is upon us in Florida’s GOP gubernatorial primary and all eyes are on Ron DeSantis – for all the wrong reasons.

As Vice Chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform – a role he has neglected, missing 30% of hearings held – DeSantis has built his reputation on being a government waste hawk and draining the D.C. Swamp.

However, recent reports claim that in 2016 DeSantis received rent breaks on a luxury Palm Beach condo from defense industry lobbyists – who also happened to be major bankrollers of DeSantis’ previous campaigns. His shady condo deal exposes a profoundly different Ron DeSantis from his self-created brand of a staunch fiscal conservative who wants to curb excessive government spending.

DeSantis says he believes he should have pay and term limits and live under the same rules as everyone else – so why did he cozy up to special interest campaign donors in return for a reduced rent payment on a fancy beach condo?

Perhaps DeSantis needed a break on rent from his lobbyist friends in the defense industry because he has trouble with his finances. A Roll Call article, published in February 2018, stated DeSantis’ net worth is negative $357,000, a financial problem that has only gotten worse year after year.

The image DeSantis has presented to Florida conservatives during this heated gubernatorial campaign and his actions away from the public eye are polar opposites.

It’s hard to believe DeSantis’ fiscally conservative reputation when he cannot get his personal finances under control on a generous $174,000 congressional salary.

DeSantis’ platform is fighting the Washington establishment. But that’s becoming less and less credible as we learn how he used his position and stature as an elected leader to cut a condo rent deal with his donors in order to bail himself out of personal financial mismanagement.





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