Roma, Texas – CBS Reporter Videos Illegal Smuggling Operation

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One July 11, CBS reporter David Begnaud and his producer Mark Hooper accidentally caught on cell phone camera a smuggler bringing two illegals into the United States near Roma, Texas. The incident occurred only a few hundred yards from a legal US Border Patrol crossing. As soon as he saw what was happening, David Begnaud used his cell phone to record the incident. Then they were threatened by the “scout.”

The two CBS employees had driven across the crossing bridge into Mexico, and down a gravel road not far from the checkpoint at Roma, Texas. While they were there, they witnessed a smuggler taking two people on a raft across the Rio Grande into the United States. And the incident took place as dozens of CBP employees were focused on watching the foot traffic and cars on the bridge. It is likely they didn’t even see the smuggler.

As Begnaud recorded the operation, the “scout,” with a walkie-talkie in his hand, gestured them to leave in a threatening manner. They left.

The Rio Grande River at the Roma, Texas crossing, is very shallow and people can walk across in places. There is no wall at that point, and Begnaud was there to report on land owners receiving letters for the wall. He wasn’t expecting to capture the illegal operation while he was there.

He also learned that the crossing occurred during shift change at the checkpoint. Smugglers have been watching, and know exactly what is going on at our borders.

The CBP issued a statement when the CBS crew contacted them about the situation:

“Roma, Texas, is located in one of the most volatile areas of the southwest border… Smuggling events occur daily, at all hours, as criminal organizations seek to exploit any shortages or gaps in border infrastructure, technology and personnel.” CBP statement

Here is his full report:

Featured photo: screenshot

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    Simple fix put a “Cash Dead or Alive Bounty” on all smugglers after about a week of shooting there wont be anymore illegal crossings $$$$$$

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