Rolling Thunder 30 – 900,000 Bikes and High Level Govt Official

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The difference between the Obama Administration and the Trump Administration couldn’t be clearer – this year Rolling Thunder 30 had a rider among them no one was expecting: Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. It was a signal that the years of trying to limit the number of bikes and actively trying to stop the ride are over. At least 900,000 motorcycles participated- and the folks were thrilled.

“We knew T-Rex was awesome, but who knew T-Rex was Rolling Thunder level awesome?” Twitter post

Tillerson hopped on his Harley and joined right in with the bikers who descended on Washington DC for the 30th Annual motorcycle ride that was originally created to honor veterans and bring awareness of POW/MIA military service members.

Tillerson was a hit at the ride. From Obama and his crew riding their trikes, oops I mean bicycles,um…never mind. This tweet says it all:

There was a handful other legislators who participated, but the mere presence of a high level US official who took the time to pose for pictures with the bikers was something of a sensation.

rolling thunder 30

A smiling Rex Tillerson took time to interact with the “Deplorables” at the  ride.

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