Rolling Blackouts: California Power Grid Fell Short in Heatwave

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The California power grid fell short in this latest heatwave, with rolling blackouts across the North and Central parts of the state. With the greenies in charge, California has worked hard to build more wind and solar power. But even Gov Newsom had to admit that all of those green energy sources couldn’t provide enough power to help Californians at peak demand. Hence…rolling blackouts in 100 degree temperatures. As of Monday, the state was about 4,400 Megawatts short of where they should be.

Some news reports said that the power grid operator cancelled the rolling blackouts, others said that 3.3 million homes were set to lose power in order to handle to demand for electricity. The heat wave will reportedly last until Wednesday. Temperatures in Death Valley, CA hit 130 degrees over the weekend, making it the hottest place in the US since 1913.

“While we’ve had some peak gust winds, wind gust events across the state have been relatively mild.” Gov Newsom

Newsom stated that he failed to predict megawatt shortages caused by total reliance on green energy. Preparation was the key, and apparently he and his fellow Democrat leaders only have hindsight and no foresight whatsoever. He wants to change that so that the state never faces a similar situation again.

Meanwhile, the citizens have been told to set their AC at 78 overnight, and conserve.

Democrats have lots of excuses. Sure, they could have prepared for it, but no, they’re too busy with more important things. They’ve focused on plowing under playgrounds, banning citizens from beaches, locking down churches and local businesses, and other tyrannical acts instead.

Here’s the problem that they seem be unable to grasp: solar power depends on the sun. (Duh). If the sun is blocked by clouds or night, no solar energy. It can be stored, actually, as you see the solar lights in people’s yards at night.

For wind power, after those hideous contraptions kill thousands of our national bird and its cousins across the nation, if the wind isn’t blowing hard enough, whalla! No power.

In an op-ed for Breitbart, John Nolte wrote:

And as we now know, wind and solar might be cheap but can also be thwarted by clouds and the lack of a stiff breeze.

This is not progressive.

There is nothing progressive about going backward, about living like we still haven’t discovered electricity or clean, cheap nuclear energy.

You know, after almost nine years, the wife and fled California in 2011. Brother, even then, the writing was on the wall. Already there were sky-high energy costs combined with a government so regressive I was being punished with a tax for using plastic grocery bags while absolutely nothing was being done about the flood of illegal immigrants who increased energy prices, who made classroom learning in some public schools impossible, who lowered wages and stole jobs from legal residents and immigrants.

Since I’ve left, things have gotten exponentially worse — massive tax increases, an exploding homeless problem… The government is broken. While the Democrats who run California with no serious Republican opposition cannot deliver basic services like electricity during a heat wave or water during a drought (reservoirs hurt Mother Earth), these same Democrats are pouring billions into boondoggles.

Yes, the once beautiful Golden State is now a sad and broken shadow of what was. Management of resources and energy could have brought great prosperity to the state, but with the influence of green advocates, they are now in serious difficulty. The heat wave will be over around Wendesday, the fires in parts of the state will be put out, and short-sighted leaders will forget about properly preventing such problems. They’ll put it all on the backs of California taxpayers instead of fixing it for the future.

Featured photo: Photo of California power grid at night via The Latin Post


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  • Ben

    Solar power also makes dc which is used to charge batteries that have to run inverters to get ac for your house which is an astronomical amount of power loss. And forget the solar panels the amount of batteries is ridiculous and they’re just car batteries that last about 3-5 years

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