Roger Ailes, Former Fox News CEO Dies at 77 – Left Dances on His Grave

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Remember the days when if someone died you sent condolences even if you didn’t like the person? Those days are long gone. Now they just hop around on your grave because whatever you built “damaged America.” Roger Ailes, the man who built Fox News into a media giant, is dead at 77.

He fell at his home in Florida 8 days ago, and hit his head. According to TMZ, he fell into a coma on Wednesday night, and died. His wife Elizabeth sent out a statement of his death, reminding people that he was a good husband to her and father to their son, and helped build a news network that affected the lives of many. He was forced out of the network after allegations of sexual harassment surfaced (the usual).

Ailes was the mover and shaker behind the careers of Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, Megyn Kelly, and others. If the allegations were true, then it was probably time for him to resign. If they were not true, then they were just another defamation of character tactic by liberals to destroy the network. And the liberals of the internet are dancing on his grave.

And don’t forget the NBC Anchor who told Sean Hannity that he was “dangerous to America” because of his Conservative views. He felt that Fox News had damaged the nation. Apparently that attitude has permeated the left.



Featured photo by Sgt Christopher Tobey, 2013 via Wikimedia Commons

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