Rochester Rioters Climb on Homes, Wreck Restaurant

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Rochester, NY – Rochester rioters descended in the “burbs” on Friday, wrecking a restaurant, throwing tables and chairs, smashing glasses and plates, and screaming at paying customers, who got up and left. Rochester police declared an “unlawful assembly,” then a riot as fires were set, property further damaged, and objects thrown at officers.

Later, some even climbed up on roofs of people’s homes.

rochester rioters

Screenshot via Gateway Pundit from Rochester riots

“If you don’t give us our sh*t we’ll shut things down.” BLM rioter

And what sh*t would that be, moron? You didn’t earn anything other than being a candidate for jail time. The BLM say they are “protesting” the death of Daniel Prude back in March. More like rioting and throwing a temper tantrum several months too late. It’s a lie, it’s an agenda that has nothing to do with “social justice.”

“Oh, hey, remember when @ADL smeared me as a racistwhitesupremacistconspiracytheorist for warning the mob was coming to suburbs, flyover country & white neighborhoods? I DO==>” Michelle Malkin

Eleven people were arrested, three of them for felonies, and three Rochester officers were injured during the hellish mess created by Black Lives Matter rioters.

According to the Democrat & Chronicle  the three people arrested were:

Jaeylon Johnson, 21, accused of first-degree rioting and inciting a riot. Jeremy A Yager, 22, accused of first-degree rioting. Barry M. Andrews, 25, accused of first-degree rioting.

The Rochester riots by BLM torched a bus stop, dumpsters, a U-Haul business owned by a Black man, and police engaged them with pepper balls and tear gas.

The owner, of the U-Haul business, Jesse Barksdale, was infuriated by the arson of his hard work.

The anger is building, America, on both sides. Which is what BLM and Antifa want- they need to fuel the anger and hate so they can take over (they think). If police and military stay on the side of patriots, they will have no chance. And these days, that’s a big IF.

Featured photo: restaurant patrons leave after being accosted by BLM rioters. Screenshot via @Scootercaster, FNTV


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