Robber Holds Gun to Wife’s Head, Texas Homeowner Shoots Him

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On Tuesday, July 17, in Southeast Houston, Texas, a woman drove into the driveway of her home at around 10:30 p.m. only to be accosted by two robbers, who stole her purse. One of the men held a gun to the woman’s head and tried to force her inside the home. The Texas homeowner retrieved his weapon and shot the man who was holding his wife at gunpoint.

It’s doubtful the two robbers knew that her husband was armed or that he was a good shot.

Her husband heard the commotion, grabbed his gun and ran to the door. In an exchange of gunfire, he took aim at the robber holding the gun and fired – striking him in the head. He also shot at the other would-be robber, who fled. Police are still looking for the other man. The one that was shot in the head was in critical condition.

Neither the Texas homeowner nor his wife were harmed in the incident. But it is a lesson for all of us in a dangerous time: if you’re not safe in your own driveway, being armed is being prepared.

  • Bruce

    Kudos to the Husband! Great shooting and I’m always happy when the intended victims of the crime strike back and are victorious! More people ought to be well armed to protect themselves, their family and others. It bothers me not one bit when one of these thugs gets shot and seriously injured or killed! They made the conscious decision to be a perpetrator, and hit what they asked for!

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