Rhode Island Defends 2A with overwhelming support.

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Little Rhody has long been a beacon of light in southern New England.  Surrounded by Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York and New Jersey, all states with extremely egregious laws that violate the 2nd amendment rights of their citizens.  The Ocean State has always stood firm for their Second Amendment rights and has always resisted such tyrannical law, March 6th 2018 was no exception.

A portion of the bills being heard included:

10 round magazine capacity

Assault Weapons Ban – which included registration at a $25 fee to the AG’s office

Red Flag Bill – Executive order signed by Governor Raimondo

Bump Stock Ban – there were quite a few separate bump stock bills

Concealed Carry Bill – To strip the state of its SHALL issue status

Rhode Islander’s, understanding what was at stake, in an astounding effort literally packed the state house.  The number of people who were estimated to have shown vary any where from 2,000 to 4,000, with 98% or more of the people in opposition to the bills proposed. Mothers Demand Action group and the Rhode Island Coalition Against Gun Violence, the two groups pushing the Anti-2nd Amendment legislation, numbered at roughly 100 or less.  In a call for reinforcements the ANTI’s admit their defeat.

Here is some more photos and video footage proving how VASTLY outnumbered the Anti-Freedom groups were.

Keep in mind it was about 30 degrees outside. Look at that line!



Here is a video from local news on the event.  You can’t see any red shirts until they interview one who claims they were assaulted.  Assaulted in the statehouse full of state police, capitol police and various local authorities.  Yet, no one was arrested or even detained through out the entire event.

The media is always against our cause and put their spin. As you can see from many local media accounts that claim BOTH sides came out in force, or that 2A supporters were bullying or using intimidation tactics on the freedom grabbers.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Our group carried themselves with the utmost respect and dignity, even helping opposition find the right areas to sign their names to bills and to testify.  What I did see was, the virtue signaling, so called ‘tolerant’ group walk around with utter disgust for any one and every one who opposed their view. Unable to even sit beside fellow Americans because of different political views.  This group that always attempts to take the moral high ground showed ZERO tolerance on this day. The only thing I can say is this:

Where are we heading as a society when a person takes personal offense to the mere presence of an alternative view point? When facts or an alternate opinion triggers an emotional response that leads to degradation and stifles debate, how will we progress as a culture or society?

Not only do they want to strip our 2nd amendment rights, but after witnessing this event, it is clear they are quite ready and willing to strip us of our first amendment rights as well.  On the grounds that it hurts their feelings and we are some how violating their mental health by speaking an opposing view. These people are seriously mentally unstable.  Just look.

Crazy how these leftist will not even say “Islamic extremists,” but they will call US, United States law abiding citizens gun extremists. Also, the way they claim to be tolerant but are clearly vile. But I digress on this aspect of the event.

The Rhode Island 2A community should serve as an example to the rest of the nation.  You can and you should fight for your rights, you can make a difference. Get your community together and fight.  The Rhode Island state house has never seen so many people come to oppose or support any legislation. We made history, and our legislation listened, holding ALL bills for further study.

Although we have won the battle in RI, the war is still on-going and we cannot be complacent.  We will continue to fight, as should the rest of the nation! Rhode Island, the first state to declare its independence from King George III of Great Britain, continues to be a shining example fighting to maintain its freedom and independence from tyrannical law.

Here is a portion of my testimony from the hearings.  I only uploaded from the middle because I spent the first 3 or 4 minutes debunking claims made by the gun grabbers.  Without seeing their testimony, the first half of what I said would not make sense.

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    And the NRA just filed a lawsuit.

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