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The Rhode Island House Judiciary Committee held hearings on a number of gun laws on Tuesday, and they did so with a full house on both sides of the issue, according to local media WPRI. But those bills could affect legal gun owners in Rhode Island, and those who attempt to purchase guns in the future, so let’s have a look:

  1. One bill raises the legal age to purchase a gun to 21.
  2. One bill prohibits large capacity magazines.
  3. One is a ban on “assault rifles.” Oh but there’s a “Grandfather clause” they tell us.
  4. Another bans 3D printed guns.

“It’s not a complete ban on any type of assault weapon because people who already own them will be grandfathered in. So it just reduces the number and access of what essentially is a dangerous item.” David Leach, Providence, RI.

First off, the “assault weapon” rhetoric clues you in that this guy is not on your side. And where have you heard that line before? If you like it you can keep it. Why do we view that with reasonable amounts of suspicion? Democrat hocus pocus. ‘Oh, everything is okay, it’s just a ban that doesn’t affect people.’ Right.

Mr. Leach is sadly deceived even if he actually believes that line.

Not one of these gun laws affects criminals. Not even one. All of them affect ordinary citizens.

Second Amendment supporters in yellow shirt at the hearing

Tom Knighton wrote,

Especially since we know that criminals–the people who represent a threat to the population–don’t buy their guns legally. New gun laws are highly unlikely to present any hurdle for them.

Instead, they’ll only impact the law-abiding citizen who will now be denied the ability to purchase these guns, guns which are good self-defense firearms, while doing nothing to stem the flow of black market guns to criminal hands. That’s the real crime in this whole mess.

Last year, several gun bills were heard in Rhode Island and once again, many people on both sides came out. The second amendment supporters were tagged as “extremists” by people like Shannon Watts and her ilk, as Instructor Craig who was present at the hearing reported. The only “extremists” are the ones demanding everyone give up their guns. THAT’s the extreme position.

Using the “grandfather” line as a ‘proof’ that they really aren’t trying to ban any kind of guns is totally deceptive. Rhode Island, don’t fall for the wolf in sheep’s clothing!

Featured photos: screenshots via WPRI

  • Jon

    Imo they don’t care about criminals and their guns, they want to disarm law abiding white citizens, the anti white anti Christianity mob is in full gear.

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