Retired Police Sgt Leaves Big Tip for Restaurant Worker

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Retired police Sgt Carrie Mills from the Atlanta PD, loved her job and the people of her city. Her favorite restaurant is Dai Loi in Forest Park, Georgia. So she ordered takeout for an order of spring rolls, which only came to $6.21. It was the tip that stunned the restaurant – a whopping $600 tip.

Mills saw the hardship caused by businesses that have closed and she said it broke her heart. She told local media that she just wanted to help. She stated she doesn’t go out to eat much, but wanted to do something that really made a difference.

The staff at the restaurant assumed she had made a mistake on the order, so they attempted to get the card back and re-swipe it.

“Of course they were all masked up and [they] were like, ‘Oh no, you’ve made a big mistake. And she goes to get my card again to re-run it, and I’m like, ‘No, it’s for you, it’s for you.'” Carrie Mills News5

She received her stimulus money so she decided to help out. She stated that she wasn’t experiencing the hardship that many in her city were going through. With restaurants closed for takeout only, she hoped her small contribution would encourage others to help out as well, if only for a few extra dollars on an order at their favorite place to eat.

Small businesses and their employees were hard-hit by the shutdowns. Businesses trying to pivot to something “essential” if they weren’t set up to do so, had to spend more money to do that. The same problems exists with other types of small business – many of them can’t pivot at all, and just have to wait. And employees who want to work have not been able to do so.

One business here in North Idaho was paying their employees and benefits through the month of April, but now say they can’t do it after that. Just in time for the PPP – Paycheck Protection Program – to run out of money. And Democrats so far refusing to put more money into it. Remember that in November.

Featured photo: combination – Atlanta PD and sales slip


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