Retired Army Colonel Served at Gitmo – Some UNC-Charlotte Students Want Him Gone

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Retired Army Colonel John Bogdan was hired less than a year ago as the Vice Chancellor for Safety and Security for UNC-Charlotte. Now a group of left-wing students have called for his firing because he served as Commander of Guantanamo – Gitmo.  And they “don’t feel “safe.”(MRCTV)

So the lefty students involved in the “Young Democratic Socialists of America” movement  at the University don’t “feel safe” with a retired Army Colonel as their head of security. Frankly, the rest of the school shouldn’t feel safe with socialists on campus.

Their entire hate-fest narrative is based on Col Bogdan’s LinkedIn Profile previous employment.

“I have many awards and decorations, among those that are most meaningful to me, are two Bronze Stars, Legion of Merit, and the Combat Action Badge. However, the greatest honor the Army gives you is the opportunity to lead, to be a commander, entrusted with our most precious National treasure – America’s sons and daughters — and the opportunity to defend your fellow U.S. citizens. We are the only army in the world that swears to defend an idea — not a leader. Our oath is to support and defend the constitution of the United States…While I haven’t been a member of Niner Nation very long, I have quickly developed a love and appreciation for this community. It is my honor to serve it in this way.” John Bogdan

The “coalition” demands that the school send out email notifications to them of any “higher level administration” hires, and demands that John Bogdan be fired or tender his resignation. They said that his hiring showed a blatant disregard for “human rights and people of color.” Apparently they’re clueless about the color-blindness of the US military, and have no understanding whatsoever about the terrorists at Gitmo.

For its part, the University thus far stands by its choice. Hopefully, they will not allow themselves to be controlled by the left.

There are many other students who value Bogdan’s service.

“He was well respected by all his command brothers in the military, he was well respected in Guantanamo. He has been responsible for operational security and antiterrorism in 11 different army bases. He also led the crisis team in Fort Bragg so he has knowledge and skills that we need on this campus…He’s suited to handle every emergency situation and as we’ve seen on April 30th, 2019 his leadership skills and knowledge of emergency situations were critical and his team’s response time to that event was crucial. He proved to us that day that he was the man for the job. I honestly feel much safer knowing he’s working for us.” UNC-Charlotte Student Camden Winstead to Campus ReformYou can read about that shooting here.

And that should be the end of the discussion. But as we know, the left will complain about everything and advance nothing more than lies and confusion to obscure the truth.

Featured photo: Guantanamo Bay facility- file and John Bogdan, UNCC photo


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  • Dave

    Talk about the perfect person to be taking care of security. Have the left leaners complete lost their minds?

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