Response: Rep Ilhan Omar Calls Trump a Dictator

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Response to Rep Ilhan Omar: If Civil War comes to America,  it won’t be because of Patriots, it won’t be because of the deplorables, the Trump supporters, the MAGA Country, it won’t be because of young kids wearing MAGA Hats, it won’t be because of Donald Trump’s tweets…it will happen because of the continued attacks by the left to push for division.

Ilhan Omar calls Donald Trump a dictator.  I have a message for her: have you lost your damned unicorn-rainbow-midget-singing-fairy-gender-not-knowing-climate-change-is-a- hoax-lying-race baiting-supporter of fanatics- communist-ass-kissing-no-economics-knowing-blue-mind?

I told myself I won’t defend Donald Trump because it’s a waste of time- it falls on deaf ears. These Communists have no idea what dictatorship really is: dictatorship is making people pay for something they don’t want, and threatening them with prison if they refuse (Obamacare comes to mind)- that is dictatorship.

Dictatorship is the constant censorship of one political view over another.

Dictatorship is when Congress votes for red flag laws, for more gun control, for higher taxes on the working people and then has the audacity to say we are ‘the boss’ and you have to do what we say – that is dictatorship.  We don’t have to do what they say, we are Americans whether they like it or not. The left is now a full-fledged enemy.

We grew up with stories like Robin Hood and others where the Tyrants steal from the working people. That is what TAX is, THEFT FROM THE WORKING CLASS! THERE’S NO FREE RIDE! Hasn’t anyone ever told you that nothing is FREE? Everything has a price, everything has a cost and who ever tells you it’s FREE they are snake oil salesmen and want five times more than what they are offering. Where did common sense go in America?

You know what dictatorship is? It’s the continued propaganda by the media and their false reporting about President Donald Trump. It’s the hate that denies the success he has had with minorities and his policies to help the black community, not only with good jobs but with Prison Reform. He is the President who has done more for the black community than the last two presidents combined. Time and time again, there were pictures, videos, rap songs all glorifying Donald Trump before 2016, but today you call him a dictator because he’s not part of the establishment. He refuses to be the status quo.

Donald Trump didn’t paint his face black or dress up in KKK, your leaders did. It’s obvious the Democrat party loves to twist the words. When racism doesn’t work any longer, they try more volatile words to earn political points.

You make me sick.  As someone who has survived through real dictatorship, I tell you that you lessen the meaning of what the word really means and what it really represents.

I have a message for you, Ilhan Omar, you are United States Enemy #1. You hate our Country, you hate our American values, you have been vocal in support of terrorist organizations that have slaughtered hundreds of thousands of innocent people worldwide. You have committed a crime by fraudulently marrying your own brother for American papers. You are not only a liar but a criminal. Anyone who would lie to our government has no right to be part of our government. Anyone who comes from countries like Somalia has no right to ever disrespect our nation or our people… especially our President Donald Trump.

I warn you with every part of my bones that if you continue these attacks on our republic, on our people, on our President, you will get more than you bargained for. The ‘silent majority’ will no longer be silent. 

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  • CW

    Well said. Much has changed in American politics.

  • Michael Jackson

    Love your passion!!

  • Dana

    When are we shipping this lying cunt back to her shithole county where she belongs?

  • John Tirado

    Right on point! Oooorah!

  • Paul Hengstebeck

    Much like after Pearl Harbor when the Japanese general said, “I fear we have awakened a sleeping giant”. The silent majority is becoming less so.

  • Gary Stevenson

    As I posted before…
    Traitorous, lying, goat-bred muzrat has no place in America, nor her muzrat colleague, nor any of the morons that voted for them. You bastards have started a war with #WethePeople that will make the Crusades look like a baseball game.

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