Resident evicted due to cobra…leaves it behind

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Houston, Texas – A resident of the Rice Luxury apartments in downtown Houston was evicted several months ago for owning a cobra. He was evicted, but someone forgot to make him take the cobra with him.

Reported by KHOU on July 29, several residents encountered a white colored King Cobra in the hallway of the apartments. Fortunately for them they didn’t approach it close enough to get bitten.


Photo of cobra in Rice Luxury Apartments by Emily Reaux

KHOU wrote,

“I thought, ‘If I don’t take a picture, who’s gonna believe me?’ And then, went on with my day.” [Emily Reaux]

Resident Colby Lewis says someone ran up to him and his group of four and told them to call the police because they were almost bitten by a king cobra.

Lewis said at first he thought they were joking, but when he went upstairs to the third floor, he saw a white king cobra sitting in the middle of the hallway.

“Somebody said something along the lines of ‘Well, have you ever heard of a spitting cobra before?'” said Lewis. “And then we all kind of walked away.”

Lewis said he told management, who then called police.

The apartment staff hired a snake expert to hunt for any other snakes in the apartments, but none were found.  Residents say they will worry only if a second cobra is found.

That would keep me awake at night, just sayin’.


It may be a King Cobra, or it may be another species entirely. But it is definitely a cobra, based on the photograph.  King Cobras are generally longer, unless it’s a young snake. They are their own genus of cobra, unrelated to any others. And some species actually do spit.

They are also lethal. Though Texas does give permits to individuals for venomous snakes, they are illegal in the city of Houston.

The Texas Department of Wildlife will be checking up on that previous tenant… he left something behind.


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