Reports of the Death of Patriotism May Be Premature

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Reports of the death of patriotism in our country may be a bit premature.

In America, we see it all around us. People being told by a neighborhood association or a city council that they cannot display Old Glory from their balcony, yard, or business. We wouldn’t want to offend anybody.



Political correctness has caused a decline in patriotism in the last few decades, which is a detriment to our nation’s survival. When people stop believing their country is special, and they stop appreciating the freedom they enjoy because of the sacrifice of millions who came before them, then they don’t feel a need to protect it. Look at President Obama.

We’ve all seen the videos of idiot college students who don’t know the first thing about America’s history, and it’s heartbreaking and infuriating to the rest of us who love our country. Sacrifice to them is having to go a day without their cell phone while the cracked screen is being repaired.

They never stop to think about what their lives might be like if those who lived here 100 or 200 years ago thought the same way they do. Never a thought for the future, or any understanding of how much greater our country is over any other nation that has existed before us.

To believe that America is simply on autopilot, and that the future is happy and guaranteed, is naive and dangerous. But patriotism is a special thing. Those of us who have it know how it makes us swell with pride inside. To us, the sight of an American flag flying high in the breeze is a beautiful thing.

Sometimes a patriotic gesture or celebration can bring a tear to our eyes. It’s a very powerful thing, and such a shame that so few know that feeling these days. We can only pray that the next few years will allow a resurgence of that pride in America that has been fading for so long.

Our current leaders, our culture’s obsession with Hollywood celebrity, and our selfie generation are all cancers on America. We need a big dose of patriotism in America to cure that cancer.

Happy 4th of July, patriots!



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