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Bilderberg Participant Reveals Secrets when Interviewed

Dresden, Germany – It is a cardinal rule among participants of the Bilderberg meeting that they not speak to any members of the press when confronted by them. Bilderberg members are usually escorted to their cars and the hotel, which in this case is the Taschenbergpalais Hotel, by law enforcement or other entities; these people usually keep the press a respectable distance away from meeting participants.


Stanislaw Tillich, Minister-President of Saxony, Photo via Infowars

As Misguided Children reported, it is customary for the meeting to take place in the United States during election years, but this time they have fled to Dresden, most likely in order to escape the protests and media coverage – which of course they have failed to do as usual. Apparently, they have also failed to inform all of their members to ignore press, because one meeting attendant has actually revealed some information to a German reporter locally based in Dresden.

Though they are always at the center of heated controversy, is currently the only U.S.-based news source, as far as we can tell, who is live on the scene in Dresden reporting on the event. They have sent two of their top reporters, Rob Dew and Paul Joseph Watson, among others to cover the event in Germany. The two have hooked up with some local reporters, Tilman Knchtel and Max Bachmann, in order to obtain the information.

Low-Level Bilderberg Member Talks to German Reporter

In the following video, Infowars reporter Rob Dew attempts to stop and interview Bilderberg participant Stanislaw Tillich, the current Minister-President of Saxony. Though the Infowars reporters were unable to receive information from him, he did speak with one of the local German reporters.

In the following video, he reveals the importance of the secrecy of the Bilderberg meetings; he also makes a statement which suggests that there is a “hierarchy” of sorts within Bilderberg; he said: “Well it is always an exception to invite the host city or the host country to dinner. That is the case with me. Therefore, it will probably be like me sitting at a table with ten other people and see the other 120 members from the distance. When dinner is finished I will just head home again.”

Truth be told, Mr. Tillich is not one of the top globalists and likely will not even be given the chance to speak with the higher-ups within Bilderberg. However, his comments are groundbreaking nonetheless. As reported:

“The Governor brazenly admitted that Bilderberg was an opportunity for him to attract investment to the city of Dresden by hob-nobbing with German politicians, businessmen and other members of the global elite. ‘I hope that members will leave this town knowing that it will be worth doing investments here,’ said Tillich, demolishing the media portrayal of Bilderberg as just a ‘talking shop’ that has no real world consequences.”

Reporter Rob Dew also chased General Petraeus through the streets of Dresden to ask him a question. It appears the retired General is hobnobbing with the elites. Watch this:



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