Report Says Rebels as Bad as ISIS

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Report Says Rebels as Bad as ISIS

A report due out tomorrow from the Center on Religion and Geopolitics says that at least 1/3 of the Rebel groups in Syria share the same ideology and goals as ISIS.  The group is part of the Tony Blair Faith Foundation, which aims to promote “tolerance” and analysis regarding religious extremism. Their findings in the latest report are staggering.

Defeating ISIS will not end global jihadism

“Defeating ISIS will not end global jihadism”

Ok, we can say “Duh” to that one, but apparently someone needs more information to understand it. The report says that Syria is now host to the “largest gathering of jihadist groups in modern times.”

The BBC reported,

The report, due to be published on Monday, says the greatest danger to the international community are groups who share the IS ideology but are currently being ignored – they number about 100,000 fighters.

Current Western efforts to define “moderate” and “extremist” rebels are bound to fail, because the groups themselves rarely make the distinction, the centre says.

Some 60% of Syria’s major rebel groups are Islamist extremists, and many of the groups share the same aims, the study finds.

Fewer than a quarter of the rebels surveyed were not ideological, and many were willing to fight alongside extremists and would probably accept an Islamist political settlement to the civil war.

Even the groups do not make a distinction between “moderate” and “extremist.” 60% are Islamic extremists, and have the same aims.

Fighters – at least 100,000 of them –  with the same ideology as ISIS. Yet the government still insists these issues will magically disappear with “negotiations” or diplomacy, and have befriended these groups as “allies.” The report states that even if ISIS is defeated, the other jihadist groups will take up the rallying cry “The West Destroyed the Caliphate” and launch attacks.

Pushing out Assad

The U.N.’s peace plan for Syria includes a timetable for the institution of ‘formal talks’ and a unity government within 6 months. Good luck with that.

Western nations have voiced support for the removal of President Bashar al-Assad. They want him to leave. Russia and China don’t want his leaving to be a precondition of peace talks.

Here’s the problem with that plan…a vacuum filled with that “largest gathering of jihadists in modern times” would be a complete disaster. At least 250,000 people have died in the war in Syria – but with jihadist groups in charge, would that be any better? The Sunnis to kill the Shi’ites, and vice versa?

Applying the jihad

They may have the same goals, the same views, but they apply them differently. which presents huge problems – and stands solidly in the way of “diplomacy.” Working with any of these groups is a foolish and dangerous method of warfare.

“It is this ideology that drives the groups’ behaviour. When they attack one another, it is not ideological differences that drives the conflict, but differing narratives: the ways in which they apply their ideology to reality.” Center on Religion and Geopolitics

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