Report for America – The Leftwing Op Implanted in Your local News

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A disturbing article by Daniel Greenfield reveals that a leftwing group called Report for America has a 225 member corps of writers that are embedded in local American media to spout the lies and agenda of radical liberals. They’re not “journalists,” they’re a leftwing Op.

They push the left’s agenda, deliberately slanting their “news” to make it appear that Conservatives, Republicans, and ordinary people are the evil danger to society.

Here are a few examples cited by Mr. Greenfield:

“When the Alliance Defending Freedom helped a local church sue Chattanooga for banning its drive-in prayer service, the article in the Chattanooga Times Free Press repeated the Southern Poverty Law Center’s smear of the religious civil rights organization as a hate group. But the reporter who wrote the article was no ordinary employee. Wyatt Massey was one of the 225 members of Report for America’s ‘corps’ who are planted in local newsrooms to promote the radical agendas of the left-wing group.

“Will Trump’s new public charge rule close door on immigrants’ hope of the American dream?” Manuel Obed asked at The Dallas News. Obed has been with the RFA ‘corps’ pushing out pro-illegal stories.

In 1976, William Garrison, along with two other thugs, broke into a home in Detroit, killed a man, and shot two other people. When Garrison recently died of coronavirus, the Detroit Free Press article treating him like a victim was written by Angie Jackson, another ‘corps’ member. Jackson’s beat, according to Report for America, is “formerly incarcerated citizens re-entering the community.”…

…Leah Willingham was placed at the Associated Press to focus on the “Mississippi state legislature” and its “actions affecting the poor”, Kyeland Jackson was planted in Twin Cities Public Television to cover the “causes, effects and solutions to racial disparities in Minnesota”, Shivani Patel was dispatched to the Ventura County Star to write about “equity in education in the county”, and Devna Bose was shoved into The Charlotte Observer to report on “poor and minority communities in prosperous Charlotte”.

Here’s the rub – the locals are never told that their “local news” is not actually local at all. These are people deliberately “planted” by the left wing Report for America group and funded by the likes of the Ford Foundation (not the car manufacturer), the MacArthur Foundation, the Knight Foundation, the Facebook Journalism Project and others who have poured millions into the RFA. Local newsrooms love the money, but they’ve compromised local news to push weaponized fake news as hit pieces to serve their purposes.

“The left-wing foundations and donors aren’t funding journalism, they’re buying coverage that fits their agenda.” 

Daniel Greenfield’s reasearch is disturbing on many fronts. Local newsrooms who have accepted the members of this left wing op have sold their souls and their “news” to activism instead of truth. The readers have no idea about the writers, or the agenda.

“Corrupting, prostituting, and weaponizing journalism is helping destroy what little integrity it has.

RFA is eliminating what little difference there is between the media and political activism. It’s not alone in the field, but it’s the most successful organization and has the best financed of any of its rivals. Its founders have seen the bright future where journalism is a vestigial limb of political non-profits who instead of buying election ads, buy the whole paper without having to manage it or pay taxes on it.

And the whole thing is funded by the dot com monopolies who helped destroy journalism.”

Make no mistake, this is the ultimate Operation by Report for America to destroy any vestige of unity that was left. The deliberate slant against Conservatives, Republicans, and ordinary values has done more to pull the fabric of ur nation apart to follow the agenda of Marxists for decades. It’s no wonder that they’re called “fake news.”

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