Obama- Victim or Victimizer?

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This article was taken from our “Remember When” files:

Virtually every incomprehensible action taken by Barack Obama can be understood if viewed through the lens of victimhood. From Obama’s push for a nuclear agreement with Iran, to his executive actions granting amnesty, he, along with similarly minded liberals see a means to compensate victims for their suffering at the hands of victimizers.

Such a belief is rooted in the elitist liberal philosophy that all people are born into victimhood; some are victims of ethnic background, others of economic conditions, human frailty or a combination thereof.


Be a victim, create a victim

That philosophy also holds that the only way a person can take charge of his or her own life and escape victimhood, is by victimizing others. Obama appears to embrace the concept of victimhood with the fervor that comes only from someone who views himself not merely as a victim, but as a champion of victims.

Viewed through the lens of victimhood, Muslims are ultra-victims. The general population of virtually every country in which Islam predominates is mired in poverty and plagued by internal strife.

Even in oil-rich middle-eastern countries, the majority of people are victims. Power and money is typically in the hands of a cabal of victimizers- sheiks, monarchs or dictators. Whether Obama is in fact a Christian or a Muslim is only partially relevant to his actions, or lack thereof in response to terrorist atrocities; his prime motivation is helping those he considers victims.

The poor misunderstood extremists

When Obama does take a stand that is more aggressive than drawing imaginary lines in the sand, his focus is on members of the ruling cabal. Yet when poor “extremists” gun down innocent civilians, set off bombs or murder U.S. citizens and drag their bodies through the streets, Obama is either silent, or dismissive of the atrocities being the work of Muslims.

Israel the victimizer 

He is also dismissive of Muslim and Arab attacks against Israel, for if ever there was a victimizer in the Middle East, in Obama’s view, it’s Israel. Surrounded by a literal and figurative desert, Israel is an oasis of economic and social success. It has prospered in the same physical environment that has bred poverty and civil turmoil in its neighboring Islamic countries. Surely, in Obama’s view, Israel has succeeded at the expense of its Muslim neighbors.

Those poor illegals- let’s save them

Illegal immigration is another situation Obama views through the lens of victimhood. He sees the poor immigrants who sneak across the border as victims of the crushing poverty and government corruption in their home countries. Enabling these victims to escape their plight is seen as justification for allowing them to break the law. Obama isn’t simply trying to create more Democrat voters, he’s focused on transforming victims into government dependents.

Ultimately, poverty is the most crushing, and most common suffering visited upon a society. It is also a suffering that government does have some latitude to address. Whereas a government-sponsored safety net for people in need is reasonable and proper, government support of people in want is not. Yet the line separating need from want is easily blurred, or in Obama’s case erased, as a means of expanding the victim base for which the need of government assistance can be “justified.”

The sociopathic view of liberals

The Obama view transcends typical bleeding heart liberal philosophy. It sees government assistance not merely as means to fulfill a need, but as a bridge to compensation for being born into victimhood.

Obama’s victim/victimizer view of life is but a single component of a sociopathic personality that has trivialized the role of the United States on the world stage. In that regard, Obama has ironically made himself both a victimizer and a victim.



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