Religious Freedom Or Same Sex Marriage – The Real Agenda

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So the leftists have their collective panties in a wad about Indiana and Arkansas‘ religious freedom laws.  Isn’t that special?  Well we all have things we’re worried about, right?    My concerns about an 18 Trillion dollar debt, 5 plus years without a national budget, ISIS gaining strength in the Middle East and an economy that could optimistically be described as foundering,  whether or not one baker or pizza pie maker wants to cater a gay wedding, that’s  ‘more important.’


1st amendment

Deep down, I know this is about the 1st amendment.  But on the surface, come on Sulu (George Takei) this is a non-issue.  Here’s my advice to business owners, ‘Make The Sale, Take the Money’.  If it makes you feel better, tell yourself you’re setting a higher example.  And to the LGBT community, just a suggestion, but you’ll probably get better service at a different business.  Just sayin’.

Let me be clear, I don’t care who marries whom.  Man and woman, man and man, woman and woman, it doesn’t affect me, best wishes to all.  As long as it does not involve children, what 2 consenting adults do in their bedroom is none of my business.  If it does involve children, then my solution is similarly clear – summary execution.  I’ll even provide the ammunition.

Because of some personal issues in my family, same-sex marraige is a topic I’ve discussed often.   Those advocating same-sex marriage, in typical liberal fashion, don’t want to work for themselves.   (‘Hard working liberal’ is an oxymoron.)  Any competent lawyer will attest that at its heart, marriage is just a contract.  Albeit a very special contract, but a contract nonetheless.   Every right granted the party of a marriage contract CAN be duplicated in a civil contract between any 2 adults, regardless of gender.  We know these contracts as ‘civil unions’, ‘domestic partnerships’, and other terms.

The contract

What makes a  marriage contract special is the 100s of years of legal precedent that accompanies the contract, and specifically the rights of a ‘spouse’.   You see, a spouse is defined as one in a marriage.  ‘Spouse’ is gender neutral.  A man or woman can be a spouse to the other, as long as they are joined in a marriage contract.  The spouse, through 100s of years of legal precedent, are automatically granted specific rights defined by law.  These same rights  CAN be granted in a civil union, but without the associated  history and legal precedent.

In time, ‘civil unions’ and similar contracts will gain legal precedent and/or standing as the courts hear case after case.  This will take time.  It could take a very long time.  What we have come to know as ‘marriage’ didn’t happen overnight, but has evolved over many dozens of generations.

Same-sex marriage advocates are impatient.  They want the shortcut. They want to avoid the time and work necessary to have their cases adjudicated by various courts.  But if one can legally label oneself as a spouse, BINGO! problem solved. Spousal rights affecting insurance, inheritance etc. would automatically be conveyed.

Follow the money

Often, the spouse precedent relates to money.  It’s always best to follow the money. And that ladies and gentlemen, is what the ‘same-sex’ marriage debate is all about.

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