Refugio County Seizes Guns from a Nicaraguan Headed to Mexico

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Texas – First question: is Fast and Furious still running, or better, who might be running it now? Refugio county deputies seized ‘multiple AK-47s, AR-15s, 50 cal. sniper rifles, and pistols’ from a Nicaraguan – a noncitizen- who was headed to Mexico on Highway 77.

Refugio County Sheriff’s Office posted:

“Multiple AK47s, AR15s, 50 caliber sniper rifles, and pistols were seized from a Nicaraguan non-citizen on US Highway 77 north of Refugio yesterday afternoon. The weapons were headed to Mexico. Refugio County Sheriff’s Office continues to battle organized criminal activity, drug trafficking, and human smuggling. These criminal enterprises threaten the safety and security of all Refugio County residents, all Texans, all Americans, and humankind.

Refugio County Sheriff’s office photo

Organized Crime? 

Were they destined for the drug cartels or Nicaragua guerilla groups?  The weapons are brand new, and carefully packed. Who, where, when are questions that need to be answered.

Fast and Furious Revelation

We’re all a little jaded, thanks to the Obama administration’s scandalous attempts at gun-running. This situation is almost reminiscent of Eric Holder’s little scheme referred to as “Fast and Furious” to run guns to the cartels. That endeavor backfired badly – and got an American Border Patrol Agent, Brian Terry, murdered with one of the guns that fell into cartel hands.

 An interview with Brian Terry’s mother on TruePundit revealed that the agent knew that something was amiss with the scheme and was fearful for his life.  She stated he kept a journal of his concerns that federal agents never found.  (Listen to the audio below).

“There are so many troubling and disturbing things in this interview that the public has never heard before. You have to wonder why no one in the Justice Department is in federal prison. And it was shocking to learn that Brian Terry not only feared for his life, but tipped off his superiors that something very wrong was going on at the border before his murder.” Thomas Paine at True Pundit

So where did the guns come from and who gave them to the Nicaraguan who is not a US citizen?  Inquiring minds want to know.

Featured photo: Refugio County Sheriff’s office


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