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Jim Lysaght was at home sitting on the couch checking Twitter on the Saturday 4 days after the November 2012 election, while his small children played on the floor before him.  He was depressed that Blue Dem Barack Obama was elected a second time.  As he stared at the Red and Blue electoral map of America’s states with their results, wondering if our country was gone, Jim suddenly realized that Obama had a smaller margin of victory in that election compared to 2008.

In those dark times, he took that as a positive sign.  Without much planning, Jim creatively and passionately tweeted out the hashtag #RedNationRising to win back America.  His life would never be the same.

Grassroots Community

Within 3 weeks, growing numbers of people started rallying with Jim and others forming a social community around the #RedNationRising hashtag on Twitter. It became the #1 trending hashtag in the world.

“Everyone on Twitter or Facebook sorta hopes they write something which goes viral.  Red Nation Rising did. We keep rising.”  Jim Lysaght

Since Jim’s first Tweet, the Red Nation Rising has made more than 30 billion impressions. In the month of July 2016, it had 1.5 billion (that’s right, billion) Twitter impressions, an all-time record.

 “Red Nation Rising is about ethos, not egos.Jim Lysaght

Those are not easy numbers to get on social media.  Jim, not having any real plan for what he started, was thrust into the genesis of something amazing and just fired away.  He knew that in order to keep pushing the message, more “infrastructure” was needed and early volunteers created a Facebook page, Red Nation Rising website, and the Main Twitter account @RedNationRising.

Soon there would be State Accounts operating as chapters to connect locally with like minded people.  Recently, the Red Nation Rising Radio Network launched with 57 radio hosts this past July 4th, Independence Day.

The Red Nation Rising team works together in the endeavor to educate — wake up — Americans who don’t understand the Progressive/Liberal agenda.  Adding to that is a new initiative of products which fund the work. What a platter of things to do!


Jim Lysaght

The Creator of #RedNationRising

Jim Lysaght grew up on Long Island, New York in a Catholic Family of mostly Irish and German heritage… hard-working people who love America.  He has family who are cops and firefighters.  He first read the United States Constitution when he was 10 years old and has respected it ever since, more so with each reading.

In 2008, he was “not very political” as their twin daughters had just been born and he was focused on family and career.  But by 2012 that had changed with Obama’s re-election and the awakening to what was happening in America… Jim’s call to pioneer Conservative social media had taken focus.

Lysaght is a practicing New York attorney by trade, and has seen the battle for freedom take place for some time.  One reason he moved his family from New York to Chicago 5 years ago, is because of what he described as “trouble on the horizon in New York City with the liberal NYC progressives destroying the place.”

His family has stayed together in spite of the fact that he placed his law career on “sabbatical” to handle the Red Nation Rising efforts. (Which means no income).

“If you don’t pay attention to what is happening, you are shirking your duty as a citizen.” Jim Lysaght

The Battle For Freedom

The social community that has risen around #RedNationRising is a phenomenon.  Jim stated that because of the nature of the Blue Dem Progressives, Red Nation Rising must be as bold and aggressive as possible while maintaining credibility to counter the effects of the left.

Even then, it may not be enough.  As hard as he is working to keep the battle for freedom in a hopeful vein through Red Nation Rising, Jim acknowledges that many academics have concluded there may yet be a time when the conflict between the two sides may result in bloodshed.

“The eternal battle for individual freedom in America really starts with the American Revolution. It was followed by the Civil War. As the old saying goes, ‘things happen in threes.’ I hope to win without bloody people and broken stuff through bold, truthful and positive messaging, but know the liberals are a despicable and violent lot who won’t stop. We have to win. We will.” 

Lysaght is a patriot, a man who works hard along with everyone on the Red Nation Rising team for the pursuit of liberty.  We wish them the very best and welcome them to the USMC family.

“We must indeed all hang together, or most assuredly, we shall all hang separately.” Ben Franklin


Red Nation Rising and Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children will be doing some collaboration on gear and t-shirts.

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