Red Oak, TX – Shoplifting Suspect Shot After Threatening Man in Parking Lot

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Red Oak, Texas – There are some folks that a theft suspect should not start arguments with – specifically, armed citizens. According to, Max Pryor, 34, had just allegedly stolen several items of property from a local Walmart, then decided to threaten a man in front of his family and chase him down. Bad move. The armed citizen shot him.

Red Oak Police Department released this statement which reads in part:

On 4/22/2019 at approximately 11:16 PM Officers with the Red Oak Police Department responded to a call of a man being shot in the Wal-Mart Parking Lot located at 100 Ryan Drive, Red Oak, Ellis County Texas.

Preliminary investigations with the victim who had been shot and witnesses revealed that a verbal altercation took place outside of the main doors between a white male subject and another white male with his family that was exiting the store. It is still undetermined at this point, what the content of the argument was. It was possible that he was having a verbal altercation with store employees as well.

This altercation progressed into the parking lot where both parties entered separate vehicles. As the male with his family attempted to leave the parking lot to the south, the male who had started the verbal altercation chased them down in his vehicle at a high rate of speed. He caught up to them and ultimately exited his vehicle where he confronted the subject by hitting the driver’s side window and yelling profanities and threats that he would fight and then kill him. The subject then opened the driver’s side door of the other man’s vehicle. The male driver who was with his family then produced a handgun and fired several rounds in the direction of the male that was threatening him. The male was struck several times in the pelvic region and in the hand. The driver with his family then fled the scene.

It was determined by watching surveillance video, that the subject that had been shot was also a theft suspect at the Wal-Mart. The male had just committed several thefts of merchandise and store employees were trying to detain him as he exited the store prior to the verbal altercation with store employees, the man, and his family as they exited the store.

The man who shot Pryor left, but returned after police arrived and began processing the scene. He was fully cooperating with authorities. Pryor, on the other hand, spent time in the hospital in serious, but stable condition.

Police stated that the investigation was in its very early stages, so it is unclear if the man who shot Pryor will face any charges.

Threaten to kill a man, especially with his family present, and Pryor is lucky he didn’t end up dead.

  • Texan

    I hope the shooter is “no billed”. It should be pretty cut and dry since Pryor forced his way into an occupied car and the shooter was already leaving the scene. I shop at that Walmart almost daily and I also carry.

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