Real People Stand for the National Anthem

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A 10 year old boy who spends most of his life in a wheelchair pushed himself up to stand for the National Anthem at a Tennessee Fair on Sunday night.

“I usually sit and put my hand on my heart, but last night I decided to stand … because I like to stand for my country.” Avery Price

A woman nearby the young man took a video of his struggle to stand for the National Anthem. It went viral.

Avery has a condition known as spastic paraplegia (HSP) syndrome. It makes it extremely difficult to use his legs, according to Fox. He only recently began to try and stand after having surgery. His Dad supported him as he made the attempt.

“That makes me feel really good, especially [considering] the stuff he’s been through, and the fact that he still wanted to do that, that’s amazing to me. He’s a very, very patriotic kid … He’s always been that way” Stephen Price, Avery’s dad.

Real people stand for the National Anthem.

Even a restaurant/bar in Florida, Beef O’Brady’s, canceled its Direct TV NFL package because of the protests by players. Instead they are offering veterans a 40% discount on their food on game days. The only channels they will have are ones that don’t come through the NFL package that is purchased in addition to the basic one. To the tune of about $5,200 per year.

“I am an American patriot. I am not that kind of guy, but it makes me angry, it really does. The people that are doing the protests, I don’t believe their intention is to disrespect our veterans but that is what has come from this…This is what we are doing, this is the stance we take, and the money we would’ve spent, we are going to spend on our vets.” Curtis West, owner of Beef O’Brady’s

Not all NFL players kneel, many are patriotic Americans. But the decision to disrespect not only veterans but our nation itself with the kneeling is a sad commentary on their mindsets.

A 10 year old boy stood for the National Anthem when it took him every ounce of strength to do it. A restaurant owner and his wife chose to honor our veterans instead of protesters in the NFL.

So remember…real people, real patriots still stand for the National Anthem!

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