Reading, PA -Concealed Carrying Clerks Snuff Two Armed Robbers (Videos)

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Reading, Pennsylvania – Three masked robbers entered Latinos Meat Market in Reading at 11 p.m. on Saturday. One was armed with a handgun, one with a stun gun, and another who may have had a gun as well. For two of them, it was their last criminal act. The clerks were also the store owners,  concealed carriers, who shot them dead. The other robber fled.

 concealed carrying clerks

A robbery at this meat market in Reading, PA did’t go well for the robbers- 2 out of 3 of them are dead

Concealed Carrying Clerks (Owners)

When police responded to the scene, they found two robbers suffering from gunshot wounds. One was dead of his injuries at the scene, the other died at later. The District Attorney stated that the 3rd robber had a gun and will be charged with murder when he is arrested, based on the deaths of his partners in the robbery.

The market had two clerks, who were store owners, and three to four customers present at the time of the robbery. The owners were “prepared and armed to use reasonable force.” Police are asking the customers who fled out the back door after hearing shots to contact them.

WFMZ reported,

Sometime during the robbery, police said both employees pulled out their own guns and fired several shots at the masked men, striking two of the three. Police said the third man was able to run out of the store with an undetermined amount of cash. He remains on the run. Police currently do not know how many times the two man[sic] were shot. Their identities remain unknown, but police said they appear to be in their late 20s or early 30s.

No employees or customers were seriously injured in the incident. Police said one employee did have a cut on his nose, but it did not require immediate medical treatment.

Self Defense

Berks County District Attorney John Adams has stated the situation was clearly self-defense. He stated “The use of force in this case was legal and justified.” He stated that the surveillance video clearly shows that the robbers entered the store with “guns blazing.”

This is the surveillance footage:

This is the press conference regarding the incident

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