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When news media started scrutinizing Rashida Tlaib’s campaign donations, they found one that was disturbing: George Farah donated $2,500 to her. George Farah died in 2009. There is an explanation other than a dead man rising.

George S. Farah Sr was a Michigan business owner in Flint. He was a real estate developer and community leader in that city. He died on Feb 1, 2009 of heart failure. But this June, 2019, he became a Rashida Tlaib donor to the tune of $2,500.

According to a scan of public records by the Washington Free Beacon, Farah is listed as deceased, and the address linked to his name is the same one registered on the contribution to Tlaib’s campaign. Farah’s widow also lives at that address, Grand Blanc Township property records reveal.

Only one other politician has received a campaign  contribution from Farah in the decade since his passing. Democratic Michigan Rep. Dan Kildee received $1,400 in total donations from Farah between 2011 and 2017. Farah made no such contributions to political candidates while he was alive.

It is illegal for individuals to make campaign donations under someone else’s name, according to campaign finance law.

“It is illegal to make a campaign contribution in the name of another person and a campaign must ensure all donor information is reported accurately,” Kendra Arnold, executive director of the Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust, told the Free Beacon. “The requirement of accurate disclosure of campaign contributors is important to inform voters of the source of campaign funds, prevent corruption, and ensure individuals are contributing within the legal limits.”

Washington Examine/Free Beacon

Democrats’ use of dead people for voter registration has been the brunt of memes, cartoons, and other jokes for decades. Campaign donations from the dead? That’s actually common, and not always illegal.

So what happened? Gigele Farah, 77, is the sole beneficiary of her husband George Farah’s estate. She is the one who made the donation, according to the Washington Examiner. The records are now being amended to reveal that fact, both with the Federal Election Commission and the Rashida Tlaib donor list.

Deceased contributions

USA Today stated that since 2009, deceased persons- either from their estate as beneficiary or a glitch in the dates entered, have given $586,000 to political campaigns. Often people designate a political campaign to receive money after they’re gone. It’s legal under Federal campaign rules. It happens for all political parties. But it is NOT legal to give money in the name of another, as occurred here.

USA today graph – although they show only left wing parties, it happens to the GOP as well.

George Farah never made political contributions while he was alive. He was a native of the Middle East and immigrated to the US in 1956, according to Michigan Live.

Featured photo: screenshot via CNN


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